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Review: Greenwich + Delancey

If you don't know, now you know. You're welcome.

Article by Kellie Kerwin

Photography by David Teyf/Greenwich & Delancey

Originally published in Greenwich Lifestyle

One of the things I personally love doing is being up to date on the Greenwich food scene, so you can imagine it was quite the shock to learn about an old-fashioned, kosher and classic Jewish restaurant with a modern twist in the Cos Cob section of town. Tucked behind Sandra's Cleaners on the Post Road, is an absolute hidden gem called Greenwich & Delancey owned and operated by Executive Chef David Teyf who also runs other establishments based in NYC, such as Madison & Park Events, LOX by David Teyf at the Museum of Jewish Heritage and Greenwich & Delancey at 50 West Street. When I set out to meet David for lunch recently, I was once again pleasantly surprised to find a full-service establishment that not only offered sit-down options and a full bar, but catering, curbside pickup, private dining, event capabilities and more.

Opening the CT location during the pandemic, everything David and his team have done since then has been strictly word of mouth followed by a strong following from the neighboring Westchester County crowd, as well as loyal patrons from our community. But it still felt like more people needed to know about David's talents, which is why I am here to help spread the good word of great Jewish, kosher food in town. My personal goal is to get more people talking about Greenwich & Delancey and what it offers, because excellent food should be celebrated. I remember hearing about an "unbelievable pastrami sandwich" that was available locally and a family friend talking about the "best bone broth she's ever had" from the same place. All thanks to a co-worker recently introducing me to David, I was finally able to experience this little slice of heaven located not even five minutes from my home.

Before I headed out for my lunch meeting with David, I made sure to do my research and make good on my promise to come hungry. Boy, am I happy I did, because it allowed me to sample a number of absolutely mouthwatering dishes as David told me about his history, background and passion for delivering a high-quality, elevated experience using only the freshest ingredients (no fryers allowed here). To match the food and service, each dish is presented in the most exquisite way. The signature pastrami served table side was unveiled from under a smoke-filled glass dome, carved and cooked to perfection with a side of mustard and other classic condiments. We also started with homemade pickles, a personal favorite of mine, and several dishes including a series of small bites like Chicken Blintzes, Franks in a Blanket, Shitake Mushroom Deviled Eggs, G&D Smoked Pastrami Mini Donuts (WOW) and a cup of G&D Immune Boost Soup.

The taste of everything I tried was exquisite, much like a burst of unbelievable flavors with every bite - even the most simple dishes had a touch of elegance to them. And I have a special place in my heart for a good ole bologna sandwich, so I am already planning to try the Going Back to Camp the next time I stop it as it's served with grilled beef bologna, which is reminiscent of my grandmother's house on Sunday mornings. Greenwich & Delancey not only lived up to my expectations, it exceeded them, which is why I want to see David and his team continue to flourish here. It's also nice to know that there's another neighborhood restaurant my children would enjoy where my husband and I could also have a delicious meal - with a cocktail or two. David was extremely accommodating and even packed up several items for me to take home, including a glass container of his famous Matzo Ball Soup.

I would also be remiss not to mention that beyond the food, service and atmosphere at Greenwich & Delancey is a man whose life mission is to serve. David has been supporting and feeding Holocaust survivors in the NY and CT-areas since the pandemic. And for many of the Jewish holidays, David tries to prepare something extra celebratory to send to the survivors. For example, during Rosh Hashanah, he delivered packages with a special meal, along with apples, honey and round challah.

David has big plans and some exciting renovations planned for the Cos Cob location. He also continually changes the menu each season and has a number of health-conscious items available from salads to healthy sides. If you're in the area (59 E Putnam Avenue) and in the mood for your favorite Eastern European and classic Jewish Deli favorites with a modern twist - make sure to stop in and hang out for a bit. Greenwich & Delancey is open Monday through Thursday, as well as Sunday but closed Friday and Saturday for the Jewish Sabbath. For more information, visit or follow along @greenwichdelanceydelicatessen. Reservations are accepted.

We are the first kosher restaurant in the history of Greenwich, CT.