It's a Match: a Rider and His Perfect Bike

2022 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Article by Monty Montgomery

Photography by Sean McNeil, Aspen Art Co

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Chance Williams, the General Manager of Foothills BMW/Triumph in Lakewood, is sharing his latest purchase: the 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro. We asked Chance what it is that made him pull the trigger on the sleek new model.

What does a man with access to several options choose for his ride, and why do you love it so much?

C: I grew up riding dirt bikes, so I have off-road experience. I used to work on Jeeps, though I’ve also ridden plenty of street bikes. Well, the Tiger puts all of that into one vehicle. I can ride on the street or the dirt, and even bring my backpacking gear--all on two wheels.

What features of the 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro make it perfect for you, as an avid rider with considerable motorcycle expertise?

C: The off-road suspension, definitely. It also has plenty of horsepower and wind protection to keep me comfortable. I mostly love how it does everything I want it to do. It’s the perfect “hybrid” bike.

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