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The Lionel "Texas Special" train is ready to roar around a winter scene.

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Riding Steel Rails With Style

Model Trains Evolve From Toys To Lifelong Passions

Growing up, we all have favorite toys that reflect our unique interests. Eventually, most of us forget about them to follow new pursuits.

However, some of us never outgrow them. Instead, they stay with us our entire lives, evolving from playthings to serious hobbies.

One such individual is Hendersonville Lifestyle publisher Lynn Bowles. Since childhood, Lynn has had a special fondness for model railroading.

"Trains have always seemed magical to me,” says Lynn. “I marvel at their power.”

Lynn has been collecting model trains for as long as he can remember.

“My Lionel trains are 54 years old,” says Lynn. “I remember getting trains for Christmas three consecutive years.”

Years later, Lynn found new uses for his trains when his children came along.

“Every year, I would set them up around our Christmas tree,” recalls Lynn. “My daughters loved watching the trains go around.”

  • Lynn Bowles makes a track adjustment for a Union Pacific engine.
  • A classic Lionel "O" gauge caboose in a winter tableau.
  • A 54-year-old Lionel steam locomotive still runs.
  • A livestock car with a miniature horse that peers outside adds charm to the railway.
  • A Lionel "Texas Special" diesel-electric engine ready to head down the "O" gauge track
  • The Lionel "Texas Special" train is ready to roar around a winter scene.
  • Lynn always set up Christmas train scenes for his children when they were young.
  • Along with his classic Lionel "O" gauge trains, Lynn also collects "HO" gauge cars.
  • Lynn's pride and joy - an "HO" gauge Union Pacific diesel-electric engine.
  • Lynn's collection includes an assortment of classic themed rolling stock.
  • Lynn operates one of his "HO" engines.