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Craving Motorcycle Lifestyle?

Velo Moto Helps Those Longing To Ride Through Wide Open Tennessee

Article by Jennifer Kaufman

Photography by Josh Vaughn

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Motorcycling is not simply a hobby. It’s a lifestyle.

There’s a camaraderie involved in riding that’s like no other. When one rides regularly, it doesn’t take long to get involved in the culture. Not only is there a shared bond between all riders, but one can find smaller friend groups to ride with locally, or to travel with, or get involved in motorcycle-related charity events.

Motorcycles are kinder to the environment. The overall cost/fuel efficiency is less, they have a implication of adventure, it’s easier to park and has the ability to move through traffic. It also gives an overall image of being “cool." Some would say:  Hardcore. Sexy. Thrilling. Fast.

Velo Moto began as an organic development based on a need that Dustin Foretich, owner, stumbled upon in the Franklin community. Through motorcycles, he found himself in a network of musicians, artists, producers, actors and photographers who were all curious and constantly reaching out to him about the motorcycle world. Most did not have the knowledge to find what they want and make an educated motorcycle purchase with confidence. 

Dustin grew up in motocross, which later developed into road racing. He is a licensed pro racer in AMA, WERA, AHRMA. As a three-time, national champion who has more than three decades in the motorcycle industry, his knowledge and firsthand experience is a natural fit for guiding those who are interested in building, buying or selling a motorcycle. In short, Velo Moto is a motorcycle matchmaker for the greater Nashville area. If a client gives Dustin a genre of bike in which they're interested, he can find it or build it.

Dustin also has helped artists, such as Jeremy Camp sell his collection.

Motorcycles, such as the ones in the photos here, is the genre of motorcycle Dustin personally gravitates toward due to his racing history:  a hybrid of "flat track" and "cafe racer" and built on an 883R HD Sportster platform. This bike speaks to one of the demographics to hwich he caters. They are a 30-something hipster who have new money and want a bespoke motorcycle that won't be found in a superstore. When they pull up to Starbucks, there will not be three versions of their motorcycle already there.

The brick-and-mortar Velo Moto vision will be in the same vein. A moto boutique with a small collection of bespoke motorcycles and riding gear not found in a superstore. Jackets, boots, gloves, helmets ALL from small craftsmen in the industry. This shop will be a community experience/destination. 

When buying a motorcycle from Dustin, one becomes a part of the VM family. Rides and events, such as the "Distinguished Gentlemen's Rid," "Cut & Shave" nights and the like, will all culminate at Velo Moto.

To see more of Dustin’s work, go to: