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Rooted Garden helps Houstonians grow bountiful kitchen gardens in their own backyards.

There is something to be said about the simplicity of eating a ripe tomato still warm from the sun or incorporating fresh, seasonal produce into every meal. Many think it is impossible to grow a thriving kitchen garden in Houston's hot and humid climate, but Rooted Garden is helping people of all skill levels reap the benefits of organically grown fruits and vegetables year-round. 

In business for seven years, Rooted Garden helps its clients take the guesswork out of gardening. They offer turnkey installations of raised bed kitchen gardens that are functional and match the style and aesthetics of their customers' homes. According to owner Heather Hendrick, Rooted Garden guarantees their clients will grow year-round and enjoy a harvest 52 weeks each year. 

Hendrick focuses on the ease of a kitchen garden and says that the taste of something homegrown is vastly different from anything in the grocery store. "Now, more than ever, when it seems as though we have very little control of what's available at our local grocery store, growing our food brings many Houston residents peace of mind," she says. "Once you've tried homegrown arugula, good luck going back to the store-bought option."

Although Houston has sun and humidity in constant supply, it could have better soil. Rooted Garden's raised beds help clients control the quality and temperature of the soil, watering needs, and unwanted critters. Houston's four unique growing seasons make it easy to rotate vegetables continuously and have produce like lettuce, herbs, swiss chard, and kale year round. Hendrick says that in the spring, Houston's most prolific growing season, gardeners should focus on tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, zucchini, bush beans, pole beans, herbs as well as blackberries and select fruit trees. 

"Thankfully, gardening isn't witchcraft. Like most things in life, it's a skill we can learn," says Hendrick. "For clients new to growing in Houston, we offer ongoing education as part of their garden installation through the Houston Kitchen Garden Club (HKGC). HKGC offers three videos at the beginning of every month that tell Houstonians exactly what to plant, what to remove from their garden, and how to take care of growing plants. With the right setup and monthly instruction, it doesn't take long before our black-thumbed friends start calling themselves a gardener."

Once a client's plot is up and running, Rooted Garden is available for ongoing maintenance. Their team can stop by for weekly, monthly, or quarterly sessions to help keep gardens flourishing without all the extra work. 

"Our relationship with our clients continues after their garden is installed. Even if they are not taking advantage of our ongoing garden maintenance, we see our new friends at the many gardening workshops and events we provide throughout the year. It is fun to catch up with our clients and gratifying to see them connect with one another."

"We like to think we're creating much more than gardens in Houston – we're creating a gardening community. The reasons for starting a garden can vary greatly for our gardening friends, but there are so many big, beautiful ideas about food, nutrition, mental health, and conservation of the earth that unites us." Heather Hendrick

"Now, more than ever, when it seems as though we have very little control of what's available at our local grocery store, growing our food brings many Houston residents peace of mind." Heather Hendrick