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Right-Intensity Training

Private, Effective And Safety-Driven 20-Minute Fitness Program Launched

Innovative, data-driven and private fitness programs, delivered through impactful 20-minute sessions twice weekly with bio-adaptive and state-of-the-art equipment, are available from The Exercise Coach team at 1717 Newtown Langhorne Road, Suite #202 in Langhorne. Exercise Coach’s 1:1 personalized, clean-setting sessions apply high-tech computerized machines instead of traditional fitness equipment.

Jamison residents Pat and Julie Cappucci opened this local Exercise Coach studio to work with clients from Newtown, Langhorne, Yardley, Southampton, Holland, Richboro, Morrisville, Newtown Grant, Churchville, Wrightstown and Upper Makefield. 

"We help people get the results that matter most to them with just two, 20-minute, right-intensity training sessions per week," explains Julie. 

Pat says women and men, of all capability levels, appreciate the personal attention, speed and effectiveness of the unique Exercise Coach approach, under guidance of trained coaches and equipment calibrated to each client. "They like the privacy we provide, too. At any given time, the most people we have in the studio is about five or six, including trainers and clients. That's been a huge reassurance and benefit during pandemic concerns," he adds. "The fact that we're small, private and exclusively appointment-based makes us naturally COVID protocol-friendly."

Julie indicates this fitness approach is based on safety, effectiveness and efficiency, delivered through the use of unique, proprietary technology and methodology. She adds that the following Exercise Coach advantages are especially appealing to clients:

  1. Coach-Led:  All sessions are led by trained, certified coaches
  2. Ability-Based:  The Exercise Coach proprietary technology adapts to each client and their unique ability, no matter what it is, and defines exercise targets that are safe and specifically personalized for each client. Each client’s exercises are just the right intensity for them. 
  3. Joint-Friendly:  Joint angles are measured for all clients to ensure each is operating in a range of motion that is safe for them, and effective at building healthy muscle. 

Founded in 2000, The Exercise Coach began franchising in 2011 and currently has more than 100 studios operating nationwide. In addition, The Exercise Coach began its international expansion in Japan in 2017 and has 35 locations there.

“We couldn't believe how effective the methodology was until we tried it ourselves," says Pat. "The way the ‘smart’ equipment calibrates itself to every individual, gives real-time feedback and produces results, was nothing short of amazing. Julie and I wanted to go into business together to do something we love, and to help people grow stronger and live better lives."

Pat says he's had a chronically bad back for 20-plus years, which needed surgery to correct disc issues. "The only therapy that helped me on an ongoing basis has been strength training. As we start moving closer toward retirement age ourselves, we can personally relate to wanting to defy the potentially weakening effects of the aging process,” he adds.

Julie says the Exercise Coach approach works really well for women and men who are busy, who don't prefer a large fitness gym environment, and who may have injuries or health conditions that prompt physical limitations. "And it's wonderful for people who simply want to age well," she adds. 

Julie and Pat offer potential clients two complimentary sessions. 


  • Julie and Pat Cappucci co-own The Exercise Coach studio in Langhorne.