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Create an interactive breakfast experience that will have your kids jumping out of bed

Let’s be honest, school mornings can be hectic and breakfast can oftentimes be rushed or overlooked entirely. One way to tackle this issue with a fun approach is by creating a self-serve breakfast bar. Kids love options, and this allows them to practice independence and enjoy the process. A station can be set up permanently with choices changing daily or weekly, giving kids something to anticipate getting out of bed for.

We’ve showcased several approaches, but you can choose even one way to make your mornings less rushed. Consider a cereal bar with dispensers, spoons, and bowls within reach. For younger children, a squeeze bottle can be used for mess-free milk pours while carafes are suitable for older children. Keep full containers in the refrigerator for easy morning stocking prior to waking up the kiddos.

For a special treat, donut and pancake towers with sprinkles in nearby shakers or jars are sure to be a hit. Mini pancakes and waffles can be prepared in advance and frozen for up to two months. Simply make them in a big batch, let cool, and layer between sheets of waxed paper in a freezer container. Paper towel dowel rods can be used for bagel or donut stacking and make a fun display. Fresh fruit skewers and to-go boxes filled with graham crackers and toaster pastries are great options for busy mornings. Ready-made yogurt containers and granola provide a tasty yet healthy choice.

A breakfast bar is also a fabulous idea for birthday celebrations, playdates, parties and more. Keep it colorful and playful and it will surely be a hit. Add a “punny” message board or neon ‘Breakfast Bar’ sign for photo ops. Be creative and have fun making a memorable display! 

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