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Molding and detailed trim built into cabinetry is becoming a popular standard.

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Rittenhouse Home: Styling Kitchens Renovations From Beginning To Successful Ends

There can be many stress factors in home renovation projects, from picking the right materials, finding quality contractors, and of course, developing a great design and best-laid plans. Coordinating all that is even more challenging. Enter Rittenhouse Home, brainchild of Jennifer Lynn Poe, the founder of the full-service design, furniture/decor and contracting company that's been upgrading homes in Bucks County and beyond for 15 years.

Based from Newtown, the Rittenhouse Home team can quell renovation concerns, and do it all within the four walls of the company's beautifully decorated showroom.

It starts with design, where Jennifer proudly offers a no hourly fee design process. "That's rare in the industry and puts our clients at ease right from the beginning of the renovation journey."

From each location, the design team uses 3D rendering technology and decades of expertise in the business to set the solid foundation of dream projects. 

The key is building engaging relationships between Rittenhouse design and clients, Jennifer says. The one-stop shop concept also removes the need for clients to travel to various showrooms to make project selections.

“Everything is curated from conception to completion,” adds Jennifer.

After design, Rittenhouse Home staffers kick into gear to apply purchasing power on behalf of clients to get the best costs on fixtures, furniture, decor and project materials. Rittenhouse also does the work, with contractors who Jennifer assures are "all aces in home construction."  

Jennifer says kitchen renovations are currently all the rage and most popular project into which homeowners are delving, knowing there's a valuable return on investment. “Kitchens and bathrooms add best value to homes,” says Jennifer, who comes from a real estate background.

“Natural wood and warm earth tones are coming back, while shades of gray are phasing out," she says, adding that “white and gold accents are definitely here to stay as timeless applications."

Rittenhouse specialists also assist in budget planning. "We partner with clients about where to spend the most when allocating funds to a project," Jennifer says.

With a focus on luxury and high quality, they deal with top brands for furniture, fixtures, decor, cabinetry and other materials used on projects. 

Jennifer, who is passionate about her job and company, uses the terms “flawless, uncompromising and meticulous attention to detail” in describing the design-build firm. "I'm confident these traits are part of what separates Rittenhouse Home from competitors, as well as our access to 300-plus vendors, including top appliance brands, lighting, floor and wall coverings," she attests.

Showroom:  2845 S. Eagle Road in Newtown

  • Molding and detailed trim built into cabinetry is becoming a popular standard.
  • “Rittenhouse projects are done organically and cohesively so aesthetics, function and budget are all considered at every stage."

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