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Sir Charles “Chuck” Davis

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River City Lifestyle Pet Parade

With East Memphis Pet Hospital & Resort

We hope our pet parade throughout this month’s issue put a smile on your face.

Thank you to our sponsor, East Memphis Pet Hospital & Resort. In addition to a professional photo shoot with Izabella Sandoval, each of our top winners, three top dogs and two cool cats, received a product basket from East Memphis Pet Hospital & Resort, organized by manager Mollie Baird. This full-service establishment is led by Dr. S. Garrett Davis. He has particular interest and experience in performing orthopedic and general surgery and guides an accomplished team of doctors and staff members at each of their Memphis-area locations.

Pictured: Furry friends on staff with River City Lifestyle and East Memphis Pet Hospital & Resort

  • Sir Charles “Chuck” Davis
  • Lulu Davis
  • Cotton Owen
  • Luna Lowrance
  • (l to r) Disco and Lady Ledbetter
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Tonkin
  • Rosie Owen
  • Chief Owen
  • Pascal Bell