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Riverside Bed & Breakfast

Escape to Chattanooga's Slice of Heaven

We could all use a little getaway, don’t you think? With so much going on in the world and with all of our day-to-day responsibilities, life quickly gets overwhelming and it can be helpful to escape to a space where we can breathe. Oftentimes, when we think of such an escape, however, we assume that we have to travel a long distance to get there, and in life’s busiest seasons, where is the time for that? 

Riverside Bed & Breakfast, however, provides a uniquely tailored experience close to home. Tucked away in Soddy Daisy and with breathtaking views of the Tennessee River, Tamara Bowers, along with her husband Mark, son Stephen, daughter-in-law Lindsay, and employee turned family member Chisea, operates Riverside with intentionality and unmatched hospitality. The team at Riverside has created a slice of heaven for locals and tourists alike right here in the Tennessee Valley.

I arrived at Riverside on a picturesque sunny afternoon and was greeted by an eagle soaring gracefully above and koi swimming in the pond. With each step, I absorbed the views of the property in absolute wonder. I couldn’t help but think that even on my worst days, calmness and serenity would find me here. The team at Riverside is dedicated to providing their guests with the highest levels of care and service. It is clear that their goal is to craft experiences that guests won’t soon forget. 

Bowers and her team are all about the details. They choose to communicate directly with each individual who books rather than outsourcing the communication to a third party allowing them to create a uniquely tailored experience for their guests. From learning their guests’ favorite beverages and dietary restrictions to partnering with the local marina for discounted rates, Riverside Bed & Breakfast exceeds expectations and provides a level of care beyond five-star service. Each morning, for example, Lindsay creates a distinct experience by diligently researching recipes and finding delicious ways to accommodate each guest’s needs and preferences.

With a deep love and passion for people, the team at Riverside has experienced a cascade of life experiences that make their work even more meaningful to them. Tamara, who is never short of smiles or lacking in hugs, was diagnosed with two forms of cancer simultaneously and Lindsay, who exudes quiet strength, tragically lost her father recently. Riverside Bed & Breakfast has become a passion project for the entire family–giving them something to focus on and creating a shared experience that allows them to connect with guests on a deeper level. 

As I sat in the living room of the bed and breakfast talking with Tamara, Lindsay, and Chisea sipping the perfect cup of coffee made with the bourbon glaze used for their French toast, I knew that they had created exactly what they worked so hard for–a place where guests never want to leave. Here, in a true slice of heaven, I felt like family. 

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