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Artist Riya Shah

Riya Shah is a busy Southlake high school student who is also owner of a local small business, Kaarigariya Crafts

Article by Sally Crocker and Riya Shah

Photography by Provided by Kari Shah

Originally published in Southlake City Lifestyle

Riya Shah's website,, describes her as a Carroll High School sophomore, founder of Kaarigariya Crafts (est. 2021), and a proud, youngest member of the Southlake Chamber of Commerce. Riya says she's been passionate about art since she was very young, and she incorporates various mediums into her work, including epoxy resin, wood, canvas, acrylic, glass and vinyl. 

The name Kaarigariya, she says, comes from two parts: kaarigar, meaning an artisan, and the addition of a personal touch at the end, using her name Riya.

"Making personalized pieces for people makes me so happy because of the value it adds to the gift, whether it be for yourself or a loved one," Riya says.

Here she shares a brief Q&A with our readers, so you can get to know her work, inspirations, vision for the future and the value that the Southlake community has added to Riya's artistic ventures. 

Q: What have you added to your craft items - different mediums like acrylics paint, clay, etc.?

A: "In addition to resin, I've incorporated wood, glass and vinyl into my craft items. They have allowed me to explore new techniques and create unique pieces that I'm proud of. At a recent event, I was fortunate enough to auction off one of my canvas artworks that included resin, geodes and acrylics on a canvas."

Q: What is your inspiration? Nature, people, etc.?

A: "I draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, especially the ocean and its vibrant colors. I also find inspiration in the work of other artists and their unique styles. Being able to create something beautiful that can be enjoyed by others, be it for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas, is also a huge motivator for me."

Q: What would you like to do with your business this year? New things you want to try? Interests in the art world? 

A: "I'm planning to expand my business this year by participating in more art workshops and exhibitions. I also plan to leverage social media platforms to do unique drops based on the time of the year and seasons. I wish to promote art by helping others learn and refine their interest in art. To achieve this, I’ve signed up with the Southlake Library to teach children new forms of art. I want to try my hand at some new techniques like incorporating personalized wood stamping and experimenting with different mediums like clay to add more variety to my creations. As for my interests in the art world, I'm always on the lookout for new trends and innovations that can help me improve or add to my craft."

Q: Do you want to do this professionally?

A: "My eventual goal and vision is to establish myself as a successful global entrepreneur. I believe that every step counts toward achieving this goal, and to kick-start my journey, I started KaarigaRiya LLC. It has given me an amazing platform to learn and grow, I'm excited to see where this experience takes me."

Q: How has the Southlake community helped you in your artistic journey?

A: "The Southlake community has been incredibly supportive of my artistic journey. The Southlake Chamber of Commerce has been a fantastic resource, providing me with valuable advice and guidance on running a business. They have also introduced me to amazing members who have become key mentors and supporters of my craft. Many events in and around Southlake, including Oktoberfest, Art in the Square, Southlake's Christmas tree lighting event and Diwali Fest, have provided me with a platform to showcase my work and connect with other artists and art enthusiasts in the community."

The Southlake community is fortunate to have bright young entrepreneurs like Riya, who are making a place for themselves in the world and spreading joy and happiness to those they meet along the way. Riya is an inspiration to both the youth of our community and us all!

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  • Artist Riya Shah