Rob Breckner's Guide to Ultimate Wellness

"My goal is to live until I am 100."

Rob Breckner's parents got him interested in health and wellness as a young child.

Breckner recalls, "I would open my lunchbox and my friends with their lunch trays would wonder what I had in my lunchbox that day. My grandparents lived on a farm as well, so I really took in the farm-to-table experience. My dad and I even had pull-up bars in our backyard." 

Breckner, who got certified in personal training at 21, says, "I started educating myself on what we were actually putting into our bodies. The science behind some crops has even changed. Soybeans used to be six feet but now they are three--it is not the same."

While Breckner advocates that a simple and clean balanced lifestyle of meat, fruits, and vegetables is the way to go, he also knows "everyone has a way of eating that is perfect for them, but the basics should stay the same" --clean, fresh, and as preservative free as possible. 

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