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Robotic procedure puts life back on track

Linda Roose tackles bariatric surgery to restore her healthy lifestyle

Linda Roose was enjoying a healthy lifestyle when the world came to a stop from COVID. Her work, exercise and nutrition habits changed overnight – bringing not just additional weight but a lifestyle that wasn’t optimal for the Troy resident.

“I run a business, I’ve raised three children and I’ve always been active,” she says. “Suddenly I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do.”

That’s when she met Beaumont physician David Chengelis, M.D., of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (

“I was doing well with the Beaumont Weight Management Group before COVID, so I reached out last year to see about other options. They asked if I had considered surgery.”

She discovered newer minimally invasive procedures could change her lifestyle – and her health.

“My blood pressure and A1C were trending up. That was my initial motivation for having surgery. But I used to be active with my six grandchildren. They like to play board games on the floor, and I couldn’t kneel down anymore. It was hard going to their soccer games. I was losing out on being part of their lives.”

Though initially nervous about the procedure, she found comfort in Dr. Chengelis’ approach. “He was so personable and patient with me. He has a confidence about him, and that gave me confidence this was the right decision. Plus, I liked that he operated robotically, so healing time and risk were more favorable.”

With over 30 years’ experience, Dr. Chengelis is a leading laparoscopic and robotic surgeon. He offers bariatric surgeries such as gastric sleeve and RNY gastric bypass and revision procedures to aid in weight loss. He also performs advanced, minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures for gallbladder issues, hernias and gastrointestinal reflux. He recently served as president of the Michigan Bariatric Society.

And he’s performed several thousand weight loss surgeries – experience Linda could trust.

 “It’s pretty exciting to see people change their life,” says Dr. Chengelis. “There’s nothing better than a patient telling me we saved their life. We see them renewed and so grateful. I love it. I could keep doing this forever.“

Only one percent of people who could benefit from this surgery are having it. Dr. Chengelis knows many more can experience a renewed lifestyle by taking that first step.

“Ask questions. Learn more. Look at the joy in those who have made this decision. You’ll discover you can do it, too.”

After surgery, life for Linda improved dramatically. “I was up and moving right away. I don’t know if it was because the surgery was done with a robot or I heal fast or Dr. Chengelis is that good – probably all three – but I was back to work quickly. People don’t even know I had surgery.”

Her greatest change? “Before, I couldn’t focus on preparing a healthy meal because my mind was always telling me how hungry I was. Now, my mind is quiet. I feel amazing. I have energy and my A1C, blood sugar and blood pressure are normal again.”

Linda spends more active time with her grandchildren now – including board games on the floor. And she’s conquered another goal: Riding her bicycle.

“I used to ride for miles every day. I wanted to ride again,” she says. “My goal was never about weight. It was about getting my health back. The bonus is, I like how people smile at me again.”

For the next informational session, call (248) 291-6516.

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