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Rockledge's pro, Josh Moses

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Rockledge Golf Club

Celebrating a Century of Excellence

Nestled in the heart of West Hartford, Rockledge Golf Club stands as a testament to the rich history and enduring appeal of golf in Connecticut. The course, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, continues to uphold the legacy of quality and community that has made it a beloved local institution for locals and residents across the state.

Rockledge's story began in 1924 when Yale University student Wilton W. "Mike" Sherman transformed his 120-acre estate into a 14-hole golf course. By 1927, the course expanded to 18 holes, hosting numerous prestigious tournaments over the decades. The town purchased the property in 1960 and transformed it into a municipal course.

"Rockledge has a fascinating history," says Helen Rubino-Turco, Director of Leisure Services. "It's remarkable how a gentleman's farm evolved into one of the state's top golf courses."

Though a public course, Rockledge is lauded for its private-course quality. Pro Josh Moses, who played college golf at Nichols College, emphasizes the commitment to excellence. 

"We maintain the course entirely in-house, ensuring every detail meets our high standards. Our goal is to provide a top-tier golfing experience for everyone."

The meticulous upkeep is evident in the lush fairways and well-manicured greens. Rockledge has earned a consistent ranking as one of Connecticut's best golf courses.

The staff is not resting on those laurels. The team is constantly seeking ways to improve the overall golfer experience. One significant project underway is the enhancement of the driving range. 

"We're excited about introducing Trackman technology and covered bays," says Josh "It's all about staying current with technological advancements and offering our golfers the best tools to improve their game."

That innovative spirit extends to the pro shop, which is set for upgrades, and the course's customer service, which is consistently praised for its excellence.

"Our commitment is to provide the best possible product and service," Helen notes. "We address any issues promptly and work tirelessly to enhance the golfing experience."

The community's support is integral to Rockledge's success. Despite the unpredictable weather, local golfers remain dedicated.

"The incredible community support we receive is humbling," says Helen. It's a testament to the bond between Rockledge and West Hartford."

This bond is celebrated through various events. This includes the upcoming anniversary celebrations, which include a special summer golf tournament and then a gala on Sept. 6,

Rockledge's influence extends beyond its greens. The course has been the starting ground for many successful golfers, including LPGA winner Liz Janangelo, who won the Connecticut State Women's Amateur Golf Championship at just 13. The course's history of nurturing talent is a point of pride.

Additionally, Rockledge shares best practices with other courses and benchmarks against industry leaders, fostering continuous improvement. "Our relationships with counterparts help us constantly raise our game," Josh says. "We're always learning and adapting."

Rockledge Golf Club offers more than just golf. The clubhouse, renovated in 1995 and again in 2017, boasts a restaurant with some of the best views in town. During colder months, the trails are open to the public, making Rockledge a year-round destination for recreation and relaxation.

As Rockledge enters its second century, it does so with a clear vision and unwavering dedication to quality. "We can't control the weather," Helen says. "But we can ensure that every golfer who comes to Rockledge has the best possible experience. That's our commitment, now and always."

With its scenic course, top-notch facilities, and exceptional customer service, Rockledge Golf Club remains a jewel in West Hartford, embodying the spirit and tradition of the game while embracing innovation and community.

Rockledge Golf Course

289 South Main St.


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The incredible community support we receive is humbling. Helen Rubino-Turco.

  • The old farm that used to stand on the land that today is the Rockledge Golf Course
  • The clubhouse at Rockledge
  • Rockledge's pro, Josh Moses
  • The course at Rockledge
  • The course at Rockledge
  • Rockledge's pro, Josh Moses
  • Rockledge's pro, Josh Moses
  • Rockledge's pro, Josh Moses
  • The dining room inside the clubhouse
  • The dining room inside the clubhouse