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Use Your Smile to Change the World

Reasons to Finally Get Those Implants in the New Year

Article by Nina Sloan

Photography by Sarah Dawn Photography

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

For many months as mouths were hidden behind masks, dental visits were skipped and avoided for multiple reasons: financial, social, personal contact. As the pandemic subsides, we are all looking to re engage with those we love, and with the public. They want to see our smiles. Is your smile ready? Dr. Evan Cettie and Dr. Paul Guitirrez of Thornton Valley Dental are here to help, offering sound reasons to stop putting off getting those implants. 

Aesthetics – Your smile is your first impression. Implants can restore the aesthetic nature of your teeth, but also help restore facial aesthetics.  Implants assist to transform a low-profile smile to a vibrant youthful one. Leading with a passion for aesthetics and demanding the best at each turn, Dr. Cettie and Dr. Guitierrez aim to bring luxury smiles to those they serve. 

Functionality - Implants also restore functional use of teeth such as proper chewing, biting, speaking, and smiling.  It is important to have balanced harmony while chewing to prevent further, more expensive damage in the long run.

Logistics – The right team at the right time. With hundreds of hours in advanced dentistry procedures, an eye for superlative aesthetics, and the support team to provide the safest, most comfortable experience, the stage is set. 

Family owned and operated; Thornton Valley Dental wants you to leave their office with a healthier, more confident smile. Committed to treating each patient with respect and compassion, trust is gained by providing state-of-the-art, comprehensive dental care. 

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