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A Refreshing Look at Home Design Trends

Shifting the Focus in the Home Remodeling Industry

Although there are certain struggles in new home building and remodeling, there are tons of things to get excited about!

With challenges, there are always opportunities, and we choose to focus on the changing emphasis on home life to make the most of the spaces where you live.

Home offices are huge right now, and how lucky are we to have technology at our fingertips? 

Storage is the No. 1 concern for many homeowners, and going from a cabinet style in kitchens and built-ins to drawers has improved the convenience of getting to those items tucked in the back. 

Our focus is to do something pretty but also very functional to make it work for the way people live in their home. 

Opening spaces for an overall site line is still the No. 1 request, but with an added nook for some private time. Renovating or adding mud rooms and basements are also huge requests.

Exterior spaces are growing in popularity with screened-in porches, four-season rooms, outdoor fireplaces, kitchens and entertaining spaces—especially fire pits and outdoor TVs and stereos.

Design requests are clean lines, cool colors with wood touches to bring in the cozy. Anything goes, and the unexpected is a welcome surprise for those who want to stand out and follow the trends with a twist.  Mixed colors and mixed metals are both fun ways to add interest to a room or space.

Thinking toward the future is huge—technology upgrades from TVs and entertainment to toilets and bathtubs.

Color trends are moving from the gray tones to browns—soft and subtle, comfy and warm, with a touch of class. Metals are mostly the many shades of gold, but the traditional chromes are still very popular and timeless.

The current environment is promoting a lot of fun and exciting spaces. Taking a pause and changing the focus of our lives can be refreshing.