Rolling Shindiggs

Allanna Harrison and Mike Welch are bringing fun and luxury together with their mobile bar

Article by Bailey Hall

Photography by Danielle Franklin Photography

Originally published in Evans City Lifestyle

     Allanna Harrison and Mike Welch, owners of Rolling Shindiggs, bring both fun and luxury together when it comes to bartending. Both Allanna and Mike love to socialize and started Rolling Shindiggs, an upscale mobile bar, so they could work together and entertain others. They serve at events such as weddings, house parties, and corporate gatherings.

     Allanna initially worked in the healthcare industry. “I was a speech therapist, but I decided that I wanted to get out of healthcare. So, we started looking for ideas on something we could start together,” she shares. “We both had our experiences with corporate jobs and working eight to five and we were just looking to do things that we loved,” says Allanna. Originally, Mike and Allanna discussed opening a bar in downtown Augusta until their niece mentioned a mobile bar. They began to research mobile bars in the CSRA and wanting to bring something new and unique to the area, they decided to use a horse trailer to create their mobile bar.

     After purchasing the trailer, Mike spent some time renovating and designing it. “It definitely has a different look about it. We were trying to go with a little bit of old west, farm style, and rustic,” says Allanna. “We wanted to make it more luxurious. We made the windows around it have a stained glass look, we put up the wood paneling towards the back and stained all of that, and we have a couple backdrops too for a photo spot. What’s different about ours is on the inside we actually have running water and a big cooler where we can store wine and beer,” says Allanna.  Also included is the Hydration Station where they provide chilled water for guests. 

     Rolling Shindiggs has a custom cocktail menu that can be tailored specifically for your event along with beer, wine, and mixed drinks. Custom cocktails can be crafted based on drinks and flavors that have sentimental value to the renter. Allanna and Mike are constantly creating new cocktails, but their most popular Signature Drinks are Allanna’s Southern Sunset, Mike’s Pickleback with tajin, and the Shindiggs’ Sangria. Everything from the mixers, garnishes, and decorative napkins are provided and other add-ons are available. 

     One day, Mike and Allanna hope to expand to offering the mobile bar and music entertainment as a package. “Mike is a singer and also plays the guitar. We wanted to do something like this to give us some time to work on our music,” says Allanna.

For more information about Rolling Shindiggs and the packages they offer, visit rollingshindiggs.com or call 706-261-0816. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date, see new drinks, and vote on drink names.

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