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ROOT Wellness

Empowering People To Live Their Best Healthy Lives

Self-care is not selfish, assures Dr. Amber Brown, founder and owner of ROOT Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC, in Frisco. 

Every day, she sees how vital it is to help people get relief from pain associated with orthopedic conditions, recover from oncology treatment and chronic conditions, as well as women's health issues, pelvic floor dysfunction, and pre-natal and post-natal care. Just because a condition is common does not mean it's normal, she states. 

"We shouldn't accept urinary incontinence or painful intercourse after having children, for example, " she adds. 

"Stress management, treating for osteoporosis and learning how best to incorporate yoga are other major ways we make positive differences in our clients' lives," says Dr. Brown. 

In addition to completing an American Physical Therapy Association-approved Residency Program in Women's Health, Dr. Brown obtained her board certification as a women's health specialist, making her one of the only board-certified such specialists in Collin County. She is a certified lymphedema therapist, registered yoga teacher and certified financial coach, as well.

She also offers concierge physical therapy. "We lead busy lives. At times, stopping and driving out of your way two to three times a week for a physical therapy appointment is not convenient and makes it to the bottom of your to-do list and your health suffers. Concierge physical therapy allows for us to bring physical therapy to you, at a location of your choice," she adds.

Dr. Brown can be heard on her nationally syndicated podcast, "Care 4 You First," during which she discusses several aspects of self-care and everyday living.