Taking Her Style Home

Local decorator makes a remodel both beautiful and her own

As an interior decorator, Lanie Draper describes her style as new traditional, or using clean lines throughout a home and mixing heavier furnishing pieces with some that are lighter. While she has used this style in her designs for her business, Rooted KC, it is now reflected in how she has decorated her Leawood home.

“I have loved re-learning my personal style,” Draper says. “Not being hyper-focused on making selections that fit a brand has given me the opportunity to have an open mind as I start to add the personal layers that transform a house into a home. Once I figured out what that means to me, I focused on consistency, authenticity and practicality.”

Lanie and her husband Brent have moved a number of times while buying, renovating and reselling properties. When they purchased the home in Leawood four years ago, it was in need of a facelift, and they weren’t sure they were going to stay. Built in 1988 and having been vacant for a few years, the home needed fundamentals such as a new HVAC system and windows.

Yet as the Drapers made those updates, and their boys became friends with the neighborhood kids, they decided to stay and make this the first home they decorated for themselves. 

Many of the old windows had arches, and they replaced those with straight-lined windows. There was also an abundance of floral wallpaper and hot pink paint to address. To give herself a clean slate, Lanie painted everything white so she could visualize the possibilities. The master bathroom was one of the first major projects they tackled.

Draper now loves all the natural light in the home and that it isn’t an entirely open floor plan. Private nooks in the home are fun, especially the formal dining room they turned into a den.

“What was once our least used room in the house is everyone’s favorite spot to relax,” Draper says. “Whether we’re watching a movie, enjoying a glass of wine or just catching up after a long day, we all always seem to end up there.” 

Also eye-catching is a long table in the hearth room accented with the natural light from a wall of south-facing windows.

The stone on the exterior and the choppier layout inside make the home seem older with a feel similar to what might be found in Brookside, but she has combined that framework with some more modern furnishings for a transitional feel. She also enjoys displaying local artwork.

Upholstery has been another area of emphasis. Having two boys aged 5 and 6 requires furniture that is easily cleaned.

“I spent time searching for furniture pieces and fabrics that looked a certain way, but I spent just as much time making sure those items were lounge-worthy,” Draper says.

They have enjoyed creating the boys’ rooms, which have grown-up furniture combined with memorable pictures on the walls. The next projects they would like to tackle include a new front door, some new carpet, finishing off their full basement and adding a pool and pergola in the backyard.

A home is always a work in progress, and Lanie Draper’s eye for style is evident as she continues to use her creativity.


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