Roots of Goodness

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Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston

Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston (IM) is Houston's longest-serving interfaith-based social service organization. Founded in 1964 as Protestant Charities, IM adopted its current name in 1992 in recognition of the diverse backgrounds, faiths, and cultures engaged in the organization's work. Their mission is to unite diverse groups for dialogue, collaboration, and service to demonstrate our shared beliefs. Interfaith Ministries' core programs include Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston and Galveston County/Animeals, delivering more than 1.7 million meals yearly to over 7,300 seniors in Harris, Galveston, and surrounding counties. In addition, seniors' pets receive free pet food and other services through its Animeals program. In conjunction with the U.S. State Department, Refugee Services resettles thousands of refugees in Houston each year and helps them successfully acculturate to American life. Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships engage houses of worship, businesses, organizations, and nonprofits in dialogue, collaboration, and service to embrace the philosophy of "Respect Thy Neighbor." The Vic Samuels Center for Volunteerism and Civic Service is a resource for Houstonians ready to make a continuing and lasting impact on the community through organized service and leadership.

LifeHouse Houston 

LifeHouse Houston, founded in 1988, is a beacon of hope in Houston, believing that healing the family unit is vital to healing the city. A group of young adults, guided by prayer, created a sanctuary for young women facing unplanned pregnancies. 

Three decades later, LifeHouse continues its mission, changing and saving lives two at a time. In 2007, they expanded, acquiring another home and doubling their capacity, forming a beautiful campus. They also introduced the LifeLine Alumnae Program, supporting mothers beyond childbirth.

At LifeHouse, compassionate Christian house parents embrace each woman, addressing her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This family-centered approach offers both love and structure, often serving as her first taste of a nurturing, supportive community. LifeHouse offers her a forever family centered around Christ.

Remarkably, LifeHouse is one of only two maternity homes in a 14-county area that welcomes minors as young as 12. Residents receive free lodging, meals, prenatal care, life skills training, counseling, discipleship, work or school opportunities, and the abundant love of God.

Mikey's Place 

In 2006, Mikey's Place was founded out of necessity by a parent who understood firsthand the joys and challenges of raising a child with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Ingrid Monroy, the driving force behind Mikey's Place, recognized the isolation and overwhelm often accompanying caring for children with life-altering medical conditions. This nonprofit organization obtained federal tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) charity and serves around 500 families annually in Greater Houston, all raising children, teenagers, or adults with various disabilities.

Mikey's Place fulfills its mission through four key programs. As the exclusive publisher of Mikey's Guide, the organization provides a comprehensive resource book. This invaluable guide contains detailed information about specialized summer camps, adapted sports and recreational activities, year-round special needs classes, respite programs, adult programs, schools, and educational resources. Summer "Campership" Program: Mikey's Place offers the Summer Campership Program, which financially assists families in sending their children to specialized summer camps or other enriching summer programs. Mikey's Place hosts a free annual community event, the Summer Camp & Resource Fair, directly linking approximately 150-200 families with service providers and programs that can benefit their children. This event also facilitates networking among families, allowing them to exchange valuable information.

CJD Foundation 

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) is an uncommon, swiftly progressing neurodegenerative illness falling within the Prion Disease category, triggered by the misfolding of prion proteins in the brain. Unfortunately, there is no known treatment or cure for this condition, which is invariably fatal.

The Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation is on a mission to support families affected by Prion Disease, raise awareness, and support medical education and research efforts. They achieve this through various means, including offering familial support services such as a HelpLine available seven days a week, referrals, support groups, and teleconference speaker series. 

Additionally, they provide education and information to families, caregivers, medical professionals, and funeral service providers. The foundation actively engages in advocacy efforts with political representatives and public policymakers and hosts an annual Family Conference where affected families can connect with experts in the field. They also conduct Family Workshops nationwide and collaborate with scientists, clinicians, healthcare centers, health authorities, professional organizations, and international patient associations.


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