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Rosemount’s Local Love

Genesis Ranch: Where Dreams Blossom & Celebrations Flourish

Article by Ann Schreiber


Originally published in Eagan City Lifestyle

Just south of Eagan, in Rosemount, MN, I found that local love has taken on an entirely new meaning. As I sat down with Melissa Bezotte, she took me through the journey to create Geneis Ranch, a new event center that caters to almost any dream—as long as love and faith remain at the core. 

Genesis Ranch is a testament to the Bezotte family's vision and commitment to local love. Owned by Melissa and Joe Bezotte, it’s not just a venue—it's a blend of dreams realized and celebrations shared.

A Mompreneur With a Big Heart And Love For Community

Melissa, a seasoned Christian therapist, is not just a business owner but a mompreneur with a heart for community. Her journey began almost two decades ago when she started her private practice, Living Water Christian Counseling, in Eagan, MN, specializing in executive and mental health coaching with a natural health focus. Her dream of having a property for retreats, particularly for high-performing businesswomen of faith, always lingered in her heart.

In 2021, the dream found a home in Genesis Ranch, a 26-acre wooded retreat just 20 minutes south of St. Paul. Melissa and Joe, both raised in large families in the upper Midwest, envisioned a private oasis for family get-togethers and large events. 

For Joe, who recently retired from federal service, it was an opportunity not just for a retreat but to fulfill his dream of having a safe shooting range in a picturesque setting. The name "Genesis Ranch" pays homage to new beginnings, drawing inspiration from the biblical concept of genesis and the rugged charm of the popular TV series Yellowstone.

A Labor of Love—A Testament to Family

The journey wasn't just personal—it was a family affair. Melissa's son-in-law took on the task of building a venue on the property. The vision expanded beyond family gatherings as they worked with the city to obtain proper licensing, officially establishing Genesis Ranch as a commercial event center. “We saw the ranch became a canvas for dreams to unfold, hosting weddings, corporate events, milestone celebrations, and so much more,” shared Melissa.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of Genesis Ranch is its commitment to providing its clients with a personalized and intimate experience. Drawing on her therapist background, Melissa forges strong connections with couples, especially brides, ensuring that the ranch becomes a part of their love story. 

“We offer an all-inclusive experience, from a stunning white pavilion with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace to two ceremony sites—one overlooking a five-acre meadow above the pavilion and our cocktail barn which is adjacent to the pavilion,” she shared. The property itself is a beautiful backdrop, eliminating the need for excessive decor. “It really does speak for itself.”

An All-Inclusive Experience

To create a holistic experience, Genesis Ranch partners with A'BriTin Catering, a family-owned business with locations in the Twin Cities and Alexandria Lakes, for food and beverage services. This collaboration ensures a delightful culinary experience and supports a small business within the community. The ranch also fosters ties with the Hilton Garden Inn in Eagan, MN, offering guests a local stay option with great rates and shuttle services, further reinforcing the local love theme.

Melissa shared that their newest neighbors, bison from nearby Spring Lake Park Reserve, have helped further shape the experience and tranquility of the Ranch. With no noise ordinances, guests find themselves immersed in the serenity of nature—a welcome escape from the city buzz. Genesis Ranch has become not just a venue but a haven where the celebration echoes through the peaceful landscape.

More Than Weddings and Celebrations

However, Genesis Ranch is more than a venue for weddings and celebrations. It is a place where the community comes together for various events. From bachelor and bachelorette parties to groom's dinners, the ranch caters to a spectrum of celebrations, adding a touch of uniqueness to each event. And for couples seeking an unconventional twist, Joe, an executive protection trainer, leads shooting competitions—a thrilling and memorable experience for those daring enough to try.

The commitment to local love goes beyond events. Genesis Ranch actively engages with the local community, hosting gatherings like the recent Leprechaun Days fundraising committee meeting with an event called Fire and Flannel, complete with live music, food trucks, beverages, vendors, etc.

“It's a place where relationships are nurtured, not just with clients but with other businesses,” shared Melissa. 

Inspired by the ethos of "no competition in the Kingdom," the Bezotte family seeks collaboration and partnerships where blessings can be shared, creating a web of support within the community.

Amid this journey, Genesis Ranch remains deeply rooted in its purpose—to provide a space where people can celebrate new beginnings, create unforgettable memories, and build lasting relationships. Melissa and Joe's story is one of turning dreams into reality, not just for their family but for everyone who walks through the gates of Genesis Ranch.

As Genesis Ranch continues to grow, the Bezotte family holds fast to their principles of community, celebration, and local love. The ranch isn't just a venue; it's a living, breathing testament to the dreams that can be achieved when a community comes together. In the quiet town of Rosemount, amidst the whispering trees and the gentle rustle of leaves, Genesis Ranch stands tall—a beacon of hope, love, and the power of shared dreams.

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