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Run Wild My Child

Encourage Creativity with a DYI Friendly Fairy Garden Project

Magical summer moments were our Publisher and her daughter’s inspiration when they decided to be adventurous and create their very own Fairy Garden.  Mel Mile’s daughter Maylin loves to create different and interesting things and Mel is an avid gardener spending most of her free time either traveling or gardening morning, noon, and night.  That’s when they both landed on the perfect Mother- Daughter summer vacation activity of making their very own Fairy Garden.

Mel went on to explain that from a very young age her children learned to garden because it was important to their early childhood development that continues to grow into adolescents and eventually adulthood. “Making a garden with your children allows them to learn the basics of gardening and plant care. So why not make a Fairy Garden. A DIY Fairy Garden also makes a fun sensory play area for kids. Manipulating and playing with the soil, plants, other natural materials, accessories, and figurines provide much-needed sensory stimulation to the developing child. Besides, playing in the dirt makes you happy–and there is research to prove it.”

Mel and Maylin’s Fairy Garden Recipe Method for the perfect day

Step 1: Find your perfect container.  They shopped around at some different thrift stores and found an old wicker chest and just decided to remove the lid.

Step 2. Shop for all the stuff you want and need.  Some items we purchased.

Potting Soil

Peat Moss and other types of Moss

Stones, Twine, Twigs, glowing blue rocks, Fairy, House, ladybugs, and other miniatures

Small plants, flowers, and succulents from the local nursery. They are very excited to help.

Garden tools

Twinkle lights

Step 3: When planting from new.  Lay out the plants first while they are still in their pots. This will help you find the best position before planting. They recommend having the taller plants in the back and the smaller, low-growing plants situated in the front.

Step 4. Be creative.  Experiment with the placement of all your trinkets, fairy house, etc. Be creative. This is a very fun and creative part not to be rushed.

Step 5.  Dig In!  Once you are happy with your arrangement of everything it’s time to begin. Remove the plants from their containers and begin planting. Use high-quality potting soil that is suitable for your chosen plants and fill to the top of the container so that the plants and pieces are at their best vantage point. Cover all the plant's roots and soil. Compact the soil especially where any pieces will be placed so they have a solid base to sit on.

6.  ENJOY!   Lastly, introduce your fairy to her new home and enjoy the magic. Have fun, there are no rules in your Fairy Gardening except to have fun. Let your imagination run wild child!