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Saddle up and slow down.

Saddle and Sirloin Club offers its distinct group of members the time-honored traditions of equine sports, skeet shooting and comradery.  

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” This quote is from Winston Churchill, and members of Kansas City, Missouri’s Saddle and Sirloin Club would wholeheartedly echo this sentiment!

Located at 14401 Holmes Road, this club sits on 326 acres of pristine equine heaven, featuring 55 miles of trail riding, five riding arenas, one of which is a covered, indoor arena. They have stalls and pasture to board 146 horses and currently board 138.

“We can put 100 horses in stalls and 46 in pastures,” says Jeff Henderson, general manager and chief operation officer. “Some of the horses are ours that members can bring guests out to ride, and others are members’ personal horses.”

Jeff says that the club began in 1941 in Mission Farms, on the east side of the street, where they had around 60 acres. In 2000, when the Hall family built Hallbrook Country Club and golf course, they moved south to their current location.

Jeff has been working for country clubs some 40 years and has been with Saddle and Sirloin the past 10.

“I wear boots and jeans, and my buddies wear suits and ties!” he says. “This is what is so unique about our club. We have the nicest group of members. People are here for the joy of it. When you come through the front gate, life slows down. You’re here for the experience and to meet people.”

Another benefit of belonging is the opportunity to play golf and swim at Loch Lloyd Country Club. “We are near Loch Lloyd, so their members enjoy the opportunity to ride horses, shoot skeet and dine with us. This partnership is unique from other clubs.” 

Speaking of dining, the club offers a fine dining experience provided by Executive Chef Rafael Cambron. Rafael is a graduate of the Johnson County Community College Culinary School. He was the chef de cuisine at Hallbrook Country Club and spent five years as the executive chef at The Carriage Club.

They also are home to a world class shooting facility offering Trap, Wobble, Skeet, 5-stand and a 12 station sporting clays course.

“We have been fortunate to have made nearly $3 million in capital improvements since I have been here, including remodeling the clubhouse and stables. People come by often to see what we are, and I take them out on my Gator for tours!” he says and smiles. “I don’t think there is anything like this in the metro area. We often take riders up on the top of Bonfire Ridge for breakfast and lunch. The view is breathtaking.”

They hold ladies’ and men’s spring and fall trail rides, where they trailer horses to different locations, including Rock Springs in the Flint Hills, outside of Manhattan, Kansas, and the rodeo in Strong City, Kansas. The men take their fall trail ride in Timber Hills in Fort Scott, Kansas. A member owns a house in Flint Hills, and a group spent a week out there to ride. Jeff lives close to Hillsdale Lake, and the group goes there several times a year. Their Outrider Program coordinates rides.

“Our kids’ program is very popular, and our kids and grandkids attend once a month, and the summer camp is six weeks each summer. We have organized rides and on the Fourth of July. We decorate the horses and parade them around,” he continues. “This is a great way to meet people and see all the trails.”

Their Ranch Rodeo is open to the public and runs the beginning of May. They invite rodeo professionals who come and ride. Visitors enjoy a cookout and truly fun event.

“This club is more like a family,” Jeff says.

Visit for more information on membership and events.