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Saddle Up for an Adventure

Experience the joys of riding, boarding, and training horses at family-owned Hidden Creek Ranch

Jolie Vinograd was four years old when she first rode a horse. Despite promptly falling off, she wasn’t deterred. In fact, Jolie believes that she was born with an innate love of horses. Her passion has only grown since opening Hidden Creek Ranch with her husband, Nick.

“It was never the sport itself that held my interest—it was the animal, the way they made me feel,” says Jolie. “I’ve always been an animal person, but the connection with horses was a very different kind of love. Some of the kids I teach have that same spark.”

The dream of Hidden Creek Ranch became a reality a few years after Jolie and Nick moved to Cedar Park. They were walking their dogs when they saw a “For Sale” sign in the middle of the field next door. After touring the property, they immediately made an offer.

“It was another two years before we bought our first horse. I actually bought her and told my husband that she would be here in a week and he needed to build a fence,” says Jolie. “She’s a 33-year-old Arabian named Centur Piece, and I have had her now for over 27 years. She started the whole thing.”

Jolie has had the pleasure of watching countless students participate in what means the world to her. This includes a group of six teenage girls who began their journey with her 15 years ago and became the best of friends.

“They would ride their horses together, camp out in the arena during the summer, play in the field, and teach each other line dancing. My husband called them my posse,” says Jolie. “To this day, they all still come by. I’m so very proud and honored that they want to be here.”

One longtime student and boarder at Hidden Creek Ranch even uses horseback riding as her school’s PE requirement. It’s one of Jolie’s goals to facilitate that kind of opportunity, as well as work-study programs and community service activities.

“I feel that it allows kids to be away from the television and their tablets, and out in the fresh air, getting dirty, working hard, and enjoying the fruits of their labor,” says Jolie. “I find it gratifying to share what I love. Not to mention the fact that I get some things done around here that make this a better place to enjoy.”

To join in the fun at Hidden Creek Ranch, head to 1202 Glen Burnie Dr, Cedar Park or learn more online at

Jolie Vinograd

Hidden Creek Ranch Lessons

1/ Horse Safety

“Lessons vary a bit depending on what the student wants to learn and what they already know. However, before doing anything with the horses themselves, we talk about how they react to various stimuli. Students will also learn a bit about how to read a horse’s reaction.”

2/ Riding Preparation

“The kids learn to lead a horse. Then, we groom, learning about the brushes and their different purposes, and the horse’s body parts. When we move on to saddles, I usually start an inexperienced student on a western saddle because it gives them something to hold on to if they get scared.”

3/ Starting to Ride

“We tack the horse up and the students mount, and we talk a bit about balance. After teaching the student how to stop, we go on down to the arena and start riding in earnest.”

4/ Learning Control

“As a student rides with me more, we do a variety of maneuvers designed to learn coordination and obtain a greater connection. For example, trot poles, barrels, small jumps, and obstacle courses.”