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Safe Splash

Making A Big Splash in Cool Springs

"We believe that learning to swim is a lot like learning a language. You need to continue to work at it consistently to develop proficiency. We encourage families not to see it as an activity just for summer, but something that is refined through the fall and winter months." These great words of advice are spoken by 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Davis Tarwater, owner of two local SafeSplash Swimming Schools, a franchise company originated in Denver. With one location in Cool Springs, the other in West Nashville, they offer lessons for infants, toddlers, children, and adults.

Davis adds, “As someone who has had a lifetime love of the water, and an extremely fulfilling career as a professional swimmer, this was the perfect opportunity to pair my passion and business interests in a way that serves families in the Nashville and Franklin communities.”

SafeSplash Cool Springs opened just over a year ago and Davis explains that while the opening was delayed due to supply chain issues, they’re now building their staff to meet the needs of a greater number of children, teens, and adults. “We are constantly looking for highly motivated, responsible instructors who love working with kids and bring that passion to work every day,” he says. Lessons are 30 minutes with a 3-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio for people of all abilities. Students range in age from six months to
adults; the majority under age five. Davis notes, “At SafeSplash, families can expect small class sizes, a responsive and accommodating staff, and consistent skill tracking so parents and kids can follow with a clear understanding of the skills worked on each week.”

He continues, “Our main goal at SafeSplash is to instill a life skill that leads to a healthy respect and enjoyment of the water. We understand not all kids will want to pursue an athletic career in swimming, but we do believe they should have the opportunity to learn to swim correctly.”

Semi-private and private lessons are also available for those looking for a more personalized experience, and for kiddos with special needs. “We take pride in meeting kids and families where they are and catering a class type and curriculum to everyone coming through our doors. We know that swimming is a life skill® and that all children are safer and happier when they learn the basics of water safety.”

There’s no better way to dive into fall!