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Saint Louis Zoo to Save American Red Wolves

New Home for 12 pairs of this Critically Endangered Species

The American red wolf is facing extinction, with only about 20 left in the wild – but the species has an important ally in the Saint Louis Zoo. Responding to an urgent call to keep this species from going extinct, the Zoo is transforming part of its land in Franklin County into a conservation habitat where 24 American red wolves will live and breed in a private, protected natural setting…not open to the public.

The Zoo is developing approximately 20 acres of its 355-acre property known as the Saint Louis Zoo Sears Lehmann, Jr. Wildlife Reserve, with separately secured habitats for 12 mating pairs of wolves. The wolves will come from other conservation organizations in 2022.

“American red wolves are key species,” said Jeffrey Bonner, Ph.D., Dana Brown President and CEO, Saint Louis Zoo. “Once populations are restored, they should create a balanced natural environment, fulfilling their predator-related roles to maintain stability within the ecosystem.”

The St. Louis region has a rich history in wolf conservation lead by the Endangered Wolf Center located in Eureka, Mo. After retiring as director of the Saint Louis Zoo in 1970, Marlin Perkins and his wife Carol turned their attention toward wolf conservation. In 1971, they joined with a group of individuals and founded the Endangered Wolf Center to address the serious plight of wolves at risk of extinction.

“We’re incredibly thankful for the generosity of donors who support our mission to save animals from extinction,” said Dr. Bonner. “Conservation is the backbone of the Zoo, and we’re committed to innovative, collaborative projects like this one to secure the future of wildlife.”