Sarah Johnson

Interior Design Inspired By International Travel

Frisco and surrounding areas are much more beautiful thanks to The Pash Design Studio. Sarah Johnson, AKA Pash, is the quintessential Creative Powerhouse of everything fashion and design. As founder and CEO of The Pash Design Studio, she is driven by the mantra, "Design is an experience that evokes emotion.” 

Sarah has mastered the art of “designing to create an experience” out of the everyday interactions within a home. Being a busy mom herself, she believes that if a space is not functional, it doesn't matter how gorgeous it is! Sarah’s goal is delivering spaces that clients love because the positive energy of the home greets them daily while the functionality provides everyday ease of living.   

Pash’s artful and functional designs come from its founder, Sarah, who literally has the artistic eye-for-beauty gene in her DNA. Her relatives on both her maternal and paternal sides are international artists and hold master's degrees ranging from art, horticulture and medicine. 

Sarah’s Haute Couture background is notable through 25-plus years of management experience in the luxury fashion industry working with Gucci, Ferragamo, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, and RH (Restoration Hardware). Sarah is inspired by her international travel paired with creating function and balance in a space. She says the space belongs to her client and through getting to know each client she is able to bring their heart and thoughts to life in a three-dimensional presentation.  

Sarah says she prides herself in connecting with each client. She asks questions, is an active listener, and follows up with clarifying questions to ensure that she brings her clients heart and thoughts to life, she is doing so in a way that is very organic. Her ultimate goal beyond satisfaction is for each client to be 100% comfortable with who steps foot in their home and they know they are getting a talented and loyal designer.  

Sarah's most recent projects have been creating interiors for new builds and also doctors offices. One of the many facets of her design talents include being able to change the personality of both the interior and exterior of a space.

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