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Sarah’s Home is where you’ll find unique art pieces, custom upholstery and expert design services.

Home decor and design trends come and go, but a space that represents the true nature and heart of the person living in it never loses its appealing charm or authenticity. Sarah Thomas, owner of Sarah’s Home in Peachtree City, has an eye, an ear, and a heart for everything home. “What we have in here are things that are brand new, and old, and artful and eclectic so that it feels like someone’s home, not a showroom.” Creative paintings and other uniquely designed pieces from Sarah’s Home can be found in hundreds of homes throughout Fayette County.

This summer will make ten years since Sarah’s Home opened its doors. Considered by some customers as the first store in the area to truly embrace color, Sarah Thomas shares her passion throughout the store. “Fabric makes me just gaga. I love color and fabric. I look at fabric as art.” There are beautiful, unique and interesting one-of-a-kind pieces throughout the store. Everything is inspired by Sarah’s love of art.

Sarah is fearless when it comes to decorating and creating space a person can call their own. She readily encourages customers to add their personal touch, their voice, to the space being decorated. “Home is your safe space. It should give you that feeling of beauty, comfort and tranquility.” That’s what Sarah and her incredibly talented team - Rhonda Moye, Kristi White and Natalie Noeske - strive to help their customers create.

Sarah says, “You can bring color into your art, into your wallpaper, and into your fabrics. Wallpaper has come back strong in the last five years, and the quality is unbelievable. If people are nervous, they can put it in their powder room, which is a great little jewel box, or they’ll put it in the dining room. I say, 'Don’t be nervous. Put it everywhere.' It’s such a cool medium, and if installed and primed correctly, it can be removed easily; unlike in the 80s when we destroyed walls to remove wallpaper.”

A year and a half into the business, Sarah added an upholstery shop. Sarah met her upholsterer, Noble Harris, years ago when she was taking upholstery classes. “Noble’s expertise and quality are unmatched. Ninety-nine percent of what we do in the upholstery shop is custom work for people. It’s not for the store floor because we don’t have the time.” There is a large inventory of fabric available, and it is Sarah’s pleasure to help you pick out something beautiful for your piece of furniture. “I have always considered furniture like art. I love to be able to take an older piece and put something new and fresh on it.”

Sarah’s Home offers design consultation; custom drapery — any kind from Roman shades to full panels to swags with trim; custom pillows and loose cushions for outdoor furniture; custom headboards — provide a picture or idea and they can make it; wallpaper and lighting. They have catalogs of everything, including broadloom and area rugs. Quality furniture from North Carolina includes hard pieces like tables and desks. They also strip furniture and bleach it.

Sarah says, “We make it easy for you. We connect you with an installer. We sell you the wallpaper and walk you all the way through the installation. Come in and see us. We can help you create a vision and a beautiful home.” Whether it is one room or an entire home, Sarah’s Home can transform your space to reflect your true sense of style.

Something new and exciting is coming to Sarah’s Home. Ignacio Alvarez, a trained architect and interior designer, has just returned from Madrid where he took what would be considered the world’s best flower class. Within the next month, customers will enter Sarah’s Home and have access to incredibly beautiful, fresh flowers. Floral arrangements can be ordered for events, and assorted flowers will be available for daily purchases. Check their website for details at

Sarah says, “Don’t be afraid. Don’t assume because you might sell your house in five years, that you can’t do the things you want to do. Well, you might not sell it. Even if you do sell it, someone’s going to love what you picked. I think you should live in your home for you. Don’t look at your house as an investment you’re going to get rid of one day, because you’ll never turn it into your cocoon of an environment. You’re always thinking, ‘It’s not mine. It’s not permanent. I’m going to sell it one day.’ Don’t be afraid. It’s only paint. You can change it. It’s only wallpaper. You can change it too.”

Follow Sarah’s Home @sarahshomedesign or visit them at 308A Willowbend Road in Peachtree City. They are open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am — 5 pm.

Sarah Thomas spent 10 years working in the industry before staying home to raise her 3 children - Katy, Charlie, and Curtis.  During that time, she enjoyed sewing for her friends & family in the basement of her home. She also created and sold a novelty pillow line called Swap-A-Top. Since opening Sarah's Home in 2013, the business has evolved into a full-service design & gift house. Sarah is fearless when it comes to decorating and creating space a person can call their own. She readily encourages customers to add their personal touch, their voice, to the space being decorated.

“Home is your safe space. It should give you that feeling of beauty, comfort, and tranquility.” 

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