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Saving the Best for Last

The Wedding of Melissa & Anthony

July 9th - Colorado Springs

Melissa + Anthony

I have found the one whom my soul loves ~ Song of Solomon 3:4 ~

Their Love Story:

Anthony and Melissa met at their neighbors daughters birthday party whom their children from previous marriages we’re invited to. They were both divorced and renting in Lone Tree at the time. Later they found out that they were living five garage doors apart in the alley for almost a year and  never knew it. The neighbors couldn’t believe they hadn’t met yet. Melissa said after that introduction she couldn't believe, " I hadn’t seen this handsome guy all this time and now he was walking past my garage multiple times a day and sending his kids over to borrow sugar." 

One of the couples mutual friends told then( who is a wise old Buddhist) and was Melissa's next door neighbor at the time told her that day she met Anthony that She had just met my future husband .

The Proposal: 

Anthony proposed to Melissa in Napa Valley at the Auberge du Soleil.  Melissa recalls, " It was the most romantic surprise after a day of sipping wine lounging poolside fallowed by an amazing couples massage and then dinner plans on the patio to fallow overlooking the vineyards. We got showered and ready and Anthony wanted to take a walk around the property on our way to dinner so we wound our way down the path where we saw a mama dear with her doe and came to a free standing building. There was a picnic table and set up on it was a picnic basket with champagne, flutes and a charcuterie plate. Anthony got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife and share our lives together. I will never forget how perfect our whole day had been and what an incredible job he had done planning and surprising me." 

Their Wedding Day: 

The couple choose the Broadmoor because they have made some really great memories there with their children such as spending a weekend or celebrating a birthday. It is just a magical place with breathtaking scenery and they thought the location was central for their families whom live in Denver and Pueblo. 

"The entire day was magical, the joy of our children and sharing our love and union with our family and dear friends was very meaningful to us. We discussed how we wanted the day to be and our one requirement was we didn’t want to wish we had done things differently, no regrets. We have no regrets ! It was perfect. When I came around the corner with my dad to witness Anthony, our children, our family and friends my heart felt so full of love and gratitude that we were all together. " exclaimed Melissa

One part of the ceremony the couple added to symbolize and solidify the union of not only them but all their children was with the blessing of a bouquet of flowers they created together with a beautiful engraved vase.  The couple and children created the blended family bouquet during the ceremony as a vow of bringing them all together. "We each choose our favorite flower to show our individuality and blended them together to create a beautiful bouquet," Melissa explained. 

Melissa's Inspiration for their Big Day:

"My inspiration came from perusing Pinterest for ideas and getting inspired by all of the creatives. I love all shades of blue and think it’s a great color for everyone so I knew that would be a primary color. I choose Anthony in a light colored linen suit to be a contrast and because he looks so handsome in light tones. The flowers with the white and peach colors are soft and romantic while making a subtle statement and adding to all of the color and beauty that surrounded us during the ceremony. Ellena Rinaldi who I worked with at Design Works made it all come to life. I would share color and inspiration ideas and she was spot on in making our dream wedding day come true. " - MS

Parting Words:

Melissa and Anthony wanted everything about their Second Chance at love to be very intentional. They spent years planning the most perfect day to celebrate their love. Their emotions surrounding a day that ended in what most would call a fairy tale. It was a wedding  that proclaimed. Let's make the best memories today and always together forever. Melissa and  Anthony have the whole world ahead of them.

The Pastor for Melissa and Anthony's ceremony summed it up perfectly, " In golf it's called a mulligan, in school it's called a make-up test, in a game it's called a do-over, in the Bible it's called Grace and Mercy. By any name it's the hope that life is not over and that we have a chance to begin again." ~Pastor John Leach