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Catherine Brenneman Dispels Misconceptions about Solar Shingles

As concerns about rising energy costs continue to mount, more and more homeowners are turning to roofing and solar companies for solutions. One such company making waves in the community is ProNail Roofing and Solar, led by Catherine Brenneman. 

ProNail Roofing and Solar is reenergizing a once predominantly male industry by building a company culture with diversity at its core. 

“This industry has been very male-dominated since its inception. Yet most people having to stay home and deal with issues at the house are female," Brenneman said. “And there wasn't somebody with their perspective to serve them.”

As recently as 2019, installing solar panels was not economical because the cost of electricity was cheaper. 

“Since then, the cost of utilities has increased by almost 120%, making solar panels a more cost-effective solution for homeowners,” Brenneman said. 

The state’s population explosion and the addition of businesses have placed a strain on the electricity grid. Combined with the rising cost of utilities, it has created the perfect storm.

“Solar allows the customer and homeowner to have a different way to generate the electricity they use in their home,” Brenneman said. “It's like putting a Tesla on top of your roof.”

ProNail Roofing and Solar is helping homeowners take control of their electricity bills, and Brenneman is working hard to help dispel misinformation homeowners encounter surrounding solar tax credits.

“My first recommendation is to talk to your CPA,” Brenneman said. “Every dollar you spend on solar can be exchanged for a tax credit towards what you owe the IRS —up to 30%. If you have a system you paid $30,000 for, you will receive a $9,000 tax credit.”

The company aims to provide professionalism and respect to its customers that they may not have yet experienced with other contractors.

“I think one of the biggest issues in the solar industry is the same issue I faced in the roofing industry 15 years ago, and that is there are not a lot of companies that are focused on the consumer,” Brenneman said. “Many companies are focused on how many of these systems they can sell. They want to know your credit score before they will even talk to you. They’re wondering what your buying power is so they can max it out. We just don't believe in that model. Our model is, what is your lifestyle? What do you want to accomplish?”

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