Savvy, Whether Shaken or Stirred

Henderson businessmen — discover their recipe to being business savvy

In honor of this month’s “Men’s” issue, we wanted to show some love to a few of the best local businessmen working hard in and enriching our community. 

We gathered some of Henderson’s most successful businessmen across different industries at the local Craggy Range Sports Bar & Grill, located inside the Dollar Loan Center in Henderson.

These five featured men have successfully maneuvered and grown their businesses throughout the years in constantly changing economies and environments.

Read on to see what these gentlemen have to share regarding success in their craft while partaking in the crafted drink of their choice.

Carlos Rosas


Precision Tune Auto Care

“Old Fashioned with Four Roses Bourbon and a big ice — you’ve got to have the big ice, bro.”

"In the automotive service and repair business, it's important to stay up to date with the latest tools, equipment, and the highest skilled staff. Also, trying to stay ahead of the competition is just as important. EVs are becoming the new normal; while other shops stay away from EV-type vehicles, we have embraced them. We purchased a Tesla for various reasons: customer pick up and drop off, advertising, manager incentive, and, most importantly, research and development. We became a Tesla-authorized parts distributor earlier this year, and now we can do all Tesla yearly maintenance. As the industry and the world evolve, so will our shop on Eastern/Pebble."

Carlos Rosas is the owner and CEO of Precision Tune Auto Care #039-11, located in Henderson Nevada. Precision Tune Auto Care is a full-service auto shop that not only helps you maintain your vehicle through preventative maintenance services but is also there when your vehicle needs repair. And while they are car experts, they also focus on the people who drive in them.


Brian Ruan

Vice President & Co-Owner

Top Notch Electric Inc.

Old Fashioned

“Throughout the years, Top Notch Electric has found success by sticking to our old-fashioned and traditional roots. We treat all of our clients with the utmost respect and top-notch service. Because we are a family-owned business, we believe in treating clients how one would treat a good friend or family member. When you enter someone’s home or business, you have to enter as if someone were entering your own home/business and how you would expect them to respect your space. Providing an essential service like electrical work can greatly impact the client — imagine if you did not have electricity; that is why we offer free estimates, 24/7 emergency services, and back up all of our work with a 100 percent guarantee to ensure our clients are taken care of. Our electricians are clean, courteous, on time, and do the job right the first time to make our clients’ lives easier. We pride ourselves in delivering top-notch workmanship and the absolute best customer service from the start of the first call through the completion of our client's service. For me and the Top Notch Electric, Inc. team, the secret to success is simple: Treat people well and do excellent work — the success will come on its own.”         


Jack Hart


Anytime Fitness

Old Fashioned with Rye

“To me, ‘Business Savvy’ means to be educated, motivated, and accountable. The only time I truly failed myself was when I walked into a situation thinking I knew everything. ‘You only know what YOU know.’ Forever continue to learn; as you learn, continue to teach those around you. There is no better reminder of what you’ve learned than when you teach them to others. You’ve got to want it! Motivation is super helpful in the beginning to get started. Write down all the reasons why you wanted to get into business in the first place. Give yourself every reason to keep going and keep self-doubt at bay. Wake up each day and read that list and focus. Get excited about the possibilities. Walk the walk, and talk the talk. Accountability is key. Even while owning a gym and being around fitness all day, there was a time when I let myself go. It’s hard to preach about fitness when you’re 50 pounds overweight. I got lazy. I let myself say things like ‘I am too busy,’ ‘I don’t have time,’ and ‘I’ll start on Monday.’ In whatever area of business that you decide to go into, you need to be disciplined. Making yourself do the things you don’t want to do builds character and breeds success. Hold yourself accountable. The better my physique gets, the better my business becomes. Example: Do you really want to be the finance manager who can’t manage his own money?”

Jack Hart is the Owner of Anytime Fitness Henderson, a Veteran/Locally Owned & Operated 24-hour gym geared towards creating a total fitness experience designed around your abilities, your body, and your goals.

Jason Anderson

Regional Manager

Glacier Restaurant Group

Gin and club soda with a splash of grapefruit juice

“I have found success in the hospitality industry through my ability to pivot and problem solve at the moment to impact guest service positively. The competition in the restaurant industry in Las Vegas is intense. You have to give guests a reason to visit your establishment, and you do that through providing personalized service and creating an energetic atmosphere that people want to be a part of.” 

Jason Anderson is the Regional Manager for Glacier Restaurant Group, a restaurant company with a portfolio of high-quality restaurant concepts including The Craggy Range Sports Bar & Grill. Craggy Range, located inside The Dollar Loan Center in Henderson, offers a selection of food and drinks along with large flat screens to watch the game with your favorite craft beer, bourbon, Bloody Mary, or cocktail.

Larry Millwood

Director of Operations

3rd Reef Divers

Big Wave

“Practical, world experiences in all facets of your profession and having the passion to share them are important. I was offered the opportunity to learn scuba diving at an early age and was mesmerized by the marine life and its beauty. There are so many adventures waiting to be discovered, historical wrecks, photography, night diving, deep diving, or hovering weightless around a coral reef, observing the interactions at a cleaning station. These kinds of experiences led me to become a scuba instructor, but the training and learning should never stop. I continued my training and have been a certified PADI Course Director/Instructor Trainer since 1993, certified thousands of divers, and worked as a hardhat commercial diver contracted by the Department of Defense, US Navy, which allowed me to travel the world and open a dive facility on historic Midway Atoll. I also worked with Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio to assist in creating the “O" Show and manage the dive training and safety department. I also took over the duties at the Dolphin Habitat as the Dive Safety Officer at the Mirage and later worked at the Le Reve show at Encore as a diver and Senior FX Operator. All led to 3rd Reef Divers, where we operate our business like a Big Dive Club, training and travel, gear repair, retail and rental, etc. Water covers over 70 percent of our planet and sustains all life. Let's give back and take care of it while going on adventures of a lifetime, building friendships and lasting memories!”

Larry Millwood is the Director of Operations at 3rd Reef Divers, a full-service, PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center offering dive training at all levels.

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