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Hand crafted scented soap bars are colorful and aromatic.

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Scents Of Fall

Scented Products To Help Set The Mood For The Holidays

As Thanksgiving closes in, many homeowners are spending a great deal of time and effort preparing their homes for the holiday season. From fall cleaning to interior and exterior decorating, everyone is trying to make their homes as warm and inviting as possible for their holiday guests.

Although most seasonal preparations are visual in nature, homeowners should also consider the importance of selecting the right aromas for their homes. After all, scent is one of our most powerful senses, and it is deeply tied to our emotions. The scents of such favorites as pumpkin spice and gingerbread can evoke powerful memories of holidays long past and help get us into the mood for those to come.

To help select the right scents for the season, homeowners should head to the Soap Factory at the Streets of Indian Lake. At the Soap Factory, owners Gerry and Whitney McLillie and their team can help you select handcrafted soaps, candles and other products that will create the perfect holiday atmosphere in your home.

“At the Soap Factory, we have a wide array of custom products that are perfect for any home or office,” says Gerry. “Most of our items, such as our scented soaps and candles, are made in our soapery daily by our talented staff.”

Soap Factory products span the gamut from home goods, such as laundry soap, candles and essential oils, to personal items, such as shampoo bars, bath bombs, body butters and beard oils. The store also features many items with a local flair, including custom soaps featuring the colors of the Tennessee Titans and the Nashville Predators.   

Most products are manufactured with environmentally friendly processes using plant-based and paraben-free materials.

“We take our commitment to our environment seriously,” says Gerry. “Our customers know that they get both quality and sustainability when they shop with us.”

To find your perfect holiday scents, be sure to visit the Soap Factory.

The Soap Factory, LLC

300 Indian Lake, Suite E220

Hendersonville, TN 37075


  • Colorful scented bath bombs make for a classic bathing experience.
  • Handcrafted scented candles bring a pumpkin spice aroma to homes.
  • Pumpkin crunch scented candles are handcrafted on site.
  • Candle warmers make perfect holiday gifts.
  • From soaps to essential oils, the Soap Factory has the scent for the season.
  • Hand crafted scented soap bars are colorful and aromatic.