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Award-winning Builder Brings Its Unique Approach to Middle Tennessee

“Home is where the heart is…”

Since the 1820s, this popular idiom has been used to express the special feelings and bonds that we have toward our homes. In just six short words, the phrase evokes an emotional connection in each of us that binds us to the people and places we care about.

Home can be defined in many ways, but it usually involves a physical location, ranging from individual residences to entire communities.

However, local homebuilder Schell Brothers defines home quite simply – it means happiness.

“At Schell Brothers, we put happiness first. We believe that focusing on the happiness of our employees and homeowners before anything else makes us the best possible versions of ourselves, and that much better at what we do every day,” says company CEO Chris Schell. “Our culture of happiness and gratitude permeates everything – it’s what keeps us smiling and coming to work each day.”

Founded in Delaware in 2003, Schell Brothers was created to give customers a pleasant, low-stress homebuilding process. From the initial consultation to delivery of the keys to the new home, buyers can enjoy the experience of watching their homeownership dreams come true.

Since its inception, Schell Brothers has grown from a small start-up to a large organization that has built over 3,500 homes across a multi-state area. Today, the builder offers over 50 different floor plans which can be tailored to fit individual family needs.

Throughout the home building industry, Schell Brothers is known as a technological leader, developing tools that provide both customers and employees with a more efficient and enjoyable homebuilding process. Innovations such as the Dare to Dream interactive in-house studio and the Head Start online design application are used in conjunction with experienced home designers to help customers navigate the maze of available exterior and interior furnishings and finishes.

From construction start to finish, every Schell Brothers home is tracked through a proprietary system called the Heartbeat Customer Portal. This application provides a one-stop gateway for homebuyers to follow the progress of their new home. The system also allows owners to stay in communication with their Schell team and to obtain additional design information throughout the process. Post-build, the portal continues to offer valuable services to owners by allowing them to view all their home documents and manage their warranty items.

Along with its attention to individual home details, Schell Brothers is equally concerned about the overall appearance of each of its neighborhoods. To help maintain the look and feel of each community, Schell Brothers follows a methodology known as the Triangle Rule. This policy is designed to ensure that every home in the neighborhood can showcase its own unique attributes.

“When customers purchase a new Schell Brothers home, they are also buying into one of our beautiful, award-winning communities. Although we have a wide range of floor plans available for personalization, homeowners will occasionally select similar customization options, including the exterior color schemes of their homes,” says Chris.” To maintain the high-end character of our communities, we established the Triangle Rule, which prevents visually similar homes from being adjacent to one another, thereby preserving each home’s curb appeal.”

Recently, Schell Brothers expanded its homebuilding activities to Wilson and Sumner Counties in Tennessee. These locations were chosen due to their proximity to Nashville and the overall feel of the communities.

“We felt like the areas northeast of Nashville were a good fit for us, now and for many years to come,” says Schell Brothers Nashville Division President John Beaver. “The region has a warm, suburban family feel that meshes well with our corporate culture and values.”

Currently, Sumner County operations are focused on Hendersonville, with homes planned and/or under construction in Durham Farms and Ivy Pointe. Homes in Durham Farms are priced from $679,900, with floorplans ranging from 2,752 to 7,004 sq. ft. Design options include the Whimbrel, the Shearwater and the Chesapeake.

In Ivy Pointe, new homes start at $689,900, with floorplans ranging from 1,971 to 6,824 sq. ft. Models include the Kingfisher, the Southport and the Bethany.

During early 2024, Schell Brothers plans to start building in a 3rd Hendersonville subdivision, Oak Creek Estates. These homes will feature similar floorplans, and they will all be constructed on large ½+ acre wooded lots less than a mile from the Streets at Indian Lake.

“In Hendersonville, we are trying to offer floor plans that appeal to everyone, from starter homes under 2,000 sq. ft. to upscale estates over 6,000 sq. ft.,” says Schell Brothers Nashville Division Sales Manager Kaylie Austin. “We are also keenly aware of the large number of retirees moving to the area, so we have several options for downsizers, as well, including single story ranch style designs.”

Schell Brothers Nashville

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“At Schell Brothers, we put happiness first. We believe that focusing on the happiness of our employees and homeowners before anything else makes us the best possible versions of ourselves, and that much better at what we do every day,” 

Schell Brothers CEO Chris Schell

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