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School Girl Vibes, Double-Breasted Jackets

Music City Celebrity Stylist Krista Roser Dishes On What Fall Trends Are Coming

Article by Julie Brown Patton

Photography by Provided From Krista Roser

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself without saying a word, proclaims Krista Roser, creative manager and celebrity fashion stylist.

Working side by side celebrity personal assistants, publicists and agency reps for clients, Krista molds and monitors all aspects of her clients' public images, completing their traditional styling needs as well as styling for major events and appearances. She also often oversees clients' merchandise design, editorial, music videos and designer collaborations

Headquartered from Nashville, Krista often works in New York City and Los Angeles as well. 

She says she also elevates her clients’ notoriety in the fashion world by procuring one-of-a-kind invitations to designer dinners, gallery openings, New York Fashion Week shows and special events, ensuring her clients are on the pulse of the ever-evolving fashion world, just as she is.

Regarding attainable apparel looks for the majority of people and plugging into many people's desires to show their more light-hearted side in what's been stemming from post-COVID, fun-loving fashion mindsets, Krista says it's hard to select favorites with past looks she's done with her clients, "as they are all like your babies."

"But one shoot in particular was special because of the time and the team we had for it," she says. "It was the entire spread of the Bello Magazine editorial we did with (country music singer) Jillian Jacqueline. We shot this right when the world was opening back up after COVID, and we were able to put together an amazing team of creatives to make a super special shoot. We were all starving to create at that time and it turned out so beautiful and was so emotionally needed. We created this amazing dream world.  And the fashion was amazing."

Krista also has worked with clients such as Florida Georgia Line, Tenille Arts, Brooke Eden, Priscilla Block, Danielle Bradbery, Cassadee Pope, Ryan Hurd, Parmalee and RaeLynn, often infusing her passion for revitalizing vintage items in her work for stage wear.

In general, Krista's all-time favorite celebrity client looks include three women in particular. First, American model Hailey Beiber, because Krista says she never goes too out of the box. "Instead, she plays around with classic styles and adds a bit of youth to them. Every look is easily recreate-able and at any price point."

Sarah Jessica Parker, American actress and television producer, is another on Krista's celebrity best looks list. "She has fun with clothing. Anything goes. And fashion should be fun. She mixes everything, new with old, men's items with women’s, and shows how she's feeling when she dresses herself. Fashion is a language and Sarah speaks to you through her looks."

Rounding out Krista's best celebrity dressed list is English model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. "She's timeless, regal, lots of neutrals, classic and always feminine. She's always consistent and polished."

For fall fashion trends around the corner, Krista says she's particularly enthused about two:

  • She loves that the trend of school girl vibes is taking the place of streetwear. "Think modernized Clueless vibes and touches of (OG) Gossip Girl. Houndstooth, tweed skirt suits, berets, pinstripes, mixing menswear textures and shapes with feminine touches. Knee high stockings, neckties and other accessories. I predict that tailored pieces versus oversized items will make a comeback."
  • This year’s fall trend for men's wear that she's most excited about is the shape of the double-breasted jacket. "They are more hourglass with a stronger shoulder, and curve more at the waist. It's a new way to modernize a very traditional item. I hope it also happens to overcoats to coordinate. I would want to wear those myself!"

However, Krista routinely encourages others to dress in ways they want to, and not to feel pressured to follow trends, because it's more important to feel confident and feel like one's self. The bottomline is that she believes clothes and accessories are best when they reflect one's authentic personality. |