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Seasonal Seafood

At Dive Coastal Cuisine, nostalgic flavors and new foods are on the menu for fall.

Article by Emily C. Laskowski

Photography by Dive Coastal Cuisine

Originally published in Park Cities Lifestyle

Ceviche, shrimp cocktail, crab cakes—it’s the stuff seafood dreams are made of during the summer months. But at Dive Coastal Cuisine, the casual eatery tucked away in Snider Plaza, there is more to seafood than summer. This fall, owner Franchesca Nor and operations manager Victor Corral promise old favorites and new classics on the menu—and all made with thoughtful flavors, fresh seafood, and local produce as much as possible.

We asked Nor to give us a little more intel on what to expect this season.


Park Cities Lifestyle: Is there a fall seafood recipe that inspired you growing up or as you learned to cook?

Franchesca Nor: A particular seafood recipe I remember fondly is clams with pesto and angel hair. I had that dish since I was a baby at a local institution in Del Mar, California, called The Fish Market. It was on the Dive menu in the fall/winter months for years, then we started offering seafood pastas and bouillabaisse. It was a good, comforting meal to get in the cold weather. 

PCL: What seasonal flavors do you enjoy this time of year?

FN: My favorite flavors to work with in the fall are butternut squash, the end-of-summer tomatoes, spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, white beans, kale, Swiss chard, and leeks. 

PCL:  What should readers be sure to try on the menu at Dive this fall and winter?

FN: First, always look on the specials board for brand new creations and old menu favorites making a comeback. In September, we are bringing back our famous mussels with sofrito and champagne—but we are also featuring a new appetizer: our tuna poke lettuce wraps! 

In October and November, we are known for our butternut squash soup, which is vegan and you can’t tell! Our spaghetti squash side is made with coconut milk and gives it a unique twist. 

Our famous shrimp enchiladas with tomatillo sauce is making a comeback in October. We will definitely bring back a pasta or bouillabaisse or clam chowder to warm you up.

And I hope to see the clams and pesto.