Secrets to Goal Setting in 2024

The Phoenix Suns Consulting Psychiatrist Shares Success-Driven Tips she Gives Elite Athletes and Executives

Over the past two seasons, I've been the Team Consulting Psychiatrist for the NBA Phoenix Suns and WNBA Phoenix Mercury. In doing so, I have witnessed the power of goal setting. My platform as Arizona’s “Performance Psychiatrist” helps high-achieving, high-profile clients manage stressors and aid in propelling their success from a mental health perspective.

As we welcome 2024, how can you restructure resolutions into creating realistic goals? Here are six questions and answers I’m often asked when it comes to putting forth plans for success. 

What kind of goals should I create?

Set meaningful targets with purpose and intention by creating challenging but manageable goals. For example, don't be broad with goals like: “I want to start a new business.” Instead, a productive initiative would be: “I want to form my corporation and have my accounting set up within 30 days.”

Can you give examples of goal verbiage? 

Be Specific. Instead of: “I want to have a profitable business,” consider measurable statements like: “I want to be ‘x’ dollars net positive by the end of 2024,” or, as I offer my athlete clientele, “I want to have three assists in every basketball game.” Break down big goals into digestible pieces where you can achieve steady progress.

How should I ensure following through? 

Keep tabs on your 2024 intentions with a goal journal. Check-in with yourself regularly, re-visiting your journal, giving yourself notes on progress, and potentially adding more goals as the year progresses. 

How can I eliminate distractions and focus on my goals? 

If you have taken the time to create goals, dedicate time to pursuing them. Schedule time with yourself (and yes, put it in your calendar) to ensure a distraction-free zone.

What is the optimal timeline for achieving a goal? 

Sure, it’s timely to goal-set now being the beginning of 2024, but know you can goal-set year-round. Write down three personal, three professional, and three health/wellness goals for all-around perspective. 

Is there such thing as too big of a goal? 

Set yourself up for success. Challenge yourself with goals that have a strong realm of achievable possibility.

Challenge yourself with meaningful goals that have a strong realm of achievable possibility with purpose and intention. Formulate actionable objectives. If you have taken the time to create goals, dedicate time to pursuing them. Prioritize yourself! 

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