No Gas Needed

with Next Level’s Speedway Mini 4 Pro

You’ve likely seen those beaten up Birds, Limes, and Spins along the sidewalk before. More notably, you’ve felt the financial pain of stark gas prices in recent months. But as a city-dweller who lives within a handful of square blocks, you don’t need the hassle of “restricted areas” and a gas-guzzling machine. 

What you may need is a custom electric scooter from Next Level Scooters - more specifically, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro. Now charged with a 48-Volt 16aH Panasonic battery, a 1,360-watt hub motor, and unmatched 30-mile range, it’s the highest spec Mini 4 on the market. It’s also considered one of the most reliable electric scooters you can ride, even trusted by scooter-sharing companies such as those previously mentioned. Only, you won’t be limited to a 15 mph stroll. 

Not to mention the benefits when faced with congested Denver traffic. Rather than exercising your patience, you can roam free with an affordable Mini 4 Pro. And if you’re worried about your scooter being stolen, Lanny also carries motion-sensitive locks that alarm you of any theft attempts. 

While Next Level Scooters carries some extremely fast units, such as the Dualtron Thunder II with a max speed of 55 mph, the Mini 4 Pro is your optimal entry-level pick. According to the owner, Lanny, it’s your best friend when zipping around downtown. And if you want to go faster or further, you can always opt for the aforementioned Dualtron Thunder II.

Lanny stresses the humbleness of his scooter store: “I’m just a local guy in a small shop who loves happy customers.” After speaking to him, it’s clear that Lanny’s customers are his primary concern. And the way he got into it is intriguingly casual.

After seeing how much his son loved his Razor - the shin-scraping ones without motors - Lanny decided to get an adult version. He ended up ordering the Dualtron Thunder, and loved it so much that he rang the distributor to ask if they were taking dealers. Sure enough, they were. 

The only issue was, they wanted him to run a storefront - and COVID had just made its entry. In response, Lanny resorted to doing business on the road out of his trailer. With Craigslist as his Salesforce and a truck with a promotional “Next Level Scooters” paint job, he was off to the races. Nowadays, most of his business comes from Google thanks to his stellar reviews, which he implores prospective scooter-owners to browse. Out of 26, he’s five for five.

Next Level Scooters has a high-end selection of about 20 different electric units, from entry-level scooters to the fastest ones available. For more information, visit or call (303) 587-1516 to catch Lanny at the office. You can also send any email inquiries to

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