Seeking Success With the Dawsons

Local Couple Strives to Help Businesses Thrive

Husband and wife duo Brandon and Natalie Dawson are true testaments to the adage that the impossible is possible with focus and determination. 

In 2019, the Dawsons cofounded Cardone Ventures with New York Times best-selling author, renowned speaker, and the world's top sales trainer, Grant Cardone. The mission of Cardone Ventures is to help business owners achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals through the growth of their business. 

“We will help any business of any size reach 10X business growth in 60 months,” says Dawson. 

The 10X Approach was started by Cardone and says business owners should set targets that are 10X greater than what they believe they can achieve. Cardone believes that the biggest mistake people make is not setting high-enough goals, and that this concept works because by setting very high goals, if business owners fall short, they still find themselves farther along than they would have with a lower goal.

The Dawsons owned other business ventures both separately and together. They attended the Cardone's 10X Growth Conference, and within days they made it their mission to meet with Cardone and create a new business. Thus, Cardone Ventures was founded. 

Brandon is passionate about helping other businesses due to his personal experience.

“I was forced to sell [one of my businesses] and I will never let anyone control my destiny again,” he says. “I want to help people grow and not make the same mistakes I did.”

Brandon is originally from Oregon and Natalie was born in Ohio. They married in 2021 after the Covid-19 outbreak forced them to postpone their original October 2020 wedding date. They'd been together seven years prior to getting married, but had known each other since Natalie was 12 years old. 

“Her mom was my doctor and I've known her for many years,” he explains. “She lived in London for a while, and when she came back, I hired her to work in a dental management company I owned.”

From there the pair hit it off—and found they had a knack at working well together. 

It was actually Natalie who first learned about Cardone and his 10X Approach to a successful business, and she encouraged Brandon to attend the conference. 

Today, Cardone Ventures—which opened its Scottsdale headquarters in December 2021—has 135 employees, with 110 of them here. They also have an office in Vancouver, Washington, where the couple lives part-time throughout the year. Cardone is headquartered in Miami.

“We've been able to help over 1,400 businesses grow and scale,” shares Brandon.

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