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Trimmendous Lawn Care owner Rey Burgos shares about new endeavors in life and business

Small business owners in the Augusta area consist of an amazing array of eclectic people and personalities. Rey Burgos, owner of Trimmendous Lawn Care, is a great example. Born in Philadelphia and raised mostly in Puerto Rico, Rey and his family came to the Augusta area in 2011, when Rey was just a teenager, seeking a better life and new opportunities. “It definitely turned my life around,” shares Rey. “I went from being a bad kid, repeating 9th grade, to graduating with a 3.4 GPA.” Rey loves the peace that permeates Augusta, along with the great weather and friendly people, and enjoys spending time downtown and taking strolls on the Riverwalk.

While attending college, Rey went to work with John Deere for several years, but he was looking for a bit more from life. “I was working a nine to five, but I had really good ideas and skills that I just couldn’t use,” explains Rey. “I wanted to express myself a lot more and be more innovative than I was allowed to be at a regular job.” His fiancé, Tabatha Vazquez, encouraged Rey to step out of his comfort zone and transition away from his regular job to focus full time on his own business.

“I’ve got a friend who was a landscaper, and I got a good bit of mentoring to guide me and help me learn what I needed to learn,” says Rey. “It took a few years to do that and from there, it just took off.” In 2019, Rey officially launched Trimmendous Lawn Care. “We offer basic lawn care services such as regular lawn maintenance, mowing, edging, weed eating, blowing and vacuuming up debris if the customer desires,” explains Rey. “We also handle fertilizing, irrigation, sod installation (which is a favorite of ours), grading, French drains, and tree work. We recently added pressure washing and gutter cleaning to our services.”

Rey has an outgoing personality, speaks both English and Spanish fluently, and loves interacting with his clients. “I would say customer satisfaction is a highlight for me; being able to talk to them more than just saying ‘hey, I'm your landscaper.’ You grow a bond with them and that’s something amazing,” says Rey. “I love when we go out there and crank up the mowers and a client comes out to wave at us and we wave at them; sometimes they come over and we have a little chitchat with them. That’s something that we look forward to – thinking about going to cut a yard for some amazing people.”

Gabriel, Rey’s 7-year-old son, also enjoys helping his dad out at work from time to time. “He's one of those boys in touch with nature, so he's always trying to catch frogs and lizards when he’s out with us,” shares Rey. “And if he’s not with us, when I pick him up from school, he’s always asking if I found anything cool out on the job that day.” At the end of the day, Rey and his family love what he’s doing and enjoy being part of the Augusta community.

For more information and to connect with Rey, visit www.trimmendouslawncarega.com, the business Facebook page, or call him directly at 706-400-6880.

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