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Self-Care 101

Women-centric influencer Bridjet Morris tells the importance of putting ourselves first.

Meet Bridjet Morris — Birmingham mom of three, wife of 10 years, popular lifestyle blogger (@bridjetp_morris) and devotee of connecting spiritually with herself as well as the general community of women. 

Her blog ( shares inspiration about wellness, fitness, beauty and motherhood; her philanthropic and intentional women-centric events, like Pursuing Greatness (featuring Florine Mark, Sandra Ali and more) and Gather, have become sought-after tickets for their focus on mindfulness, self-care, growth and the power of womanhood. 

We turned to Morris for advice on the importance of self-care for women, and her favorite ways to infuse self-care into everyday life. Here are her suggestions.

Bridjet Morris

We've all heard the quote ‘self-care is not selfish.’ I fully embody that mantra and love taking time away from my busy mom life to slow down and unplug. 

For me, self-care is more than a term, it’s a way of living. Between juggling three kids, in three schools, as well as running my lifestyle blog, hosting community events and helping my husband with his company, the feeling of burnout and overwhelm is something I'm very familiar with. When I don't prioritize my own well-being first, I can’t take care of my family the way I need to. It’s that simple. 

Thankfully, living in one of Michigan’s cutest cities, Birmingham, there’s no shortage of creative ways to infuse self-care into our everyday life if we prioritize it. Here are some of my favorite ways to recharge and prioritize ME in and around Birmingham.

  • Get outside and take a walk: This might sound basic, but with so many cute neighborhoods, parks and nature trails, there’s really no shortage of options when it comes to getting outside and taking it all in. And by “all in,” I mean the fresh air, and the feeling of the earth on your feet. Being outdoors has been linked to higher energy, improved sleep quality, and longer life expectancy. My kids love starting at Booth Park, then taking the nature trail deep into the woods and exploring. On days when the kids are at school, I often put on a favorite podcast and take a walk in my neighborhood. It feels so good.

  • Eat healthy foods: Nutrition and self-care go hand-in-hand. And for me, there’s no better feeling than fueling up with a nourishing meal. Birmingham is loaded with cute restaurants and cafes. And lucky for us, many have kid-friendly menus and outdoor seating. Some of our favorite places to fuel up include: Be Well We’re huge fans of the smoothies and the fresh coconut waters they serve; Commonwealth Cafe You can probably catch me here at least three times a week and I’m pretty sure I’ve had a photoshoot here a time or two. The salads, pastries and matcha lattes are our favorite; if mama’s cooking, I love popping into Primi Piatti and grabbing fresh homemade pasta and sauce. My kids’ favorite. 

  • Indulge in Beauty: There is a direct relationship between beauty routines and mental wellness. When we look good, we feel good, right? There’s no shortage of places to go to indulge in beauty and wellness in and around Birmingham. One of my favorite go-to spots is Nude Salon for weekly blowouts. I see Josh, but the entire staff here makes me feel like a queen from the moment I walk in the door. I also love Rivage Day Spa if I'm looking for a great massage or an elevated mani/pedi experience. PS: They serve Champagne to all clients. 

  • Journal: There are so many benefits of journaling for mental health. I have learned to love writing down my thoughts, visions and goals over the years and found it really helps keep me on track. I always find cute notebooks at places like Paper Source or Found Objects. On sunny days, Cranbrook is a great place to journal and spend time with your thoughts.

  • Connect with community: Sometimes self-care isn't enough and we need community to thrive. The people of Birmingham are truly what makes this town so special. I love meeting my friends out and about to catch up and see one another or scheduling a date night with my husband. The compassion, love and togetherness we share is powerful and can be felt by all. I also love hosting intentional events around town: I recently held a sold-out women’s event at the Rose Room where more than 60 local women gathered to discuss self-love and overcoming hardships. It was deeply healing.

“Self-care is more than a term, it’s a way of living. When I don't prioritize my own well-being first, I can’t take care of my family the way I need to. It’s that simple.” — Bridjet Morris