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Glow inside and out with the Clear Path Program

Everyone’s skincare journey is different and patience is essential. For teenagers, this is easier said than done. You may be swayed toward getting prescriptions from a dermatologist. But Clear Path Acne Clinic understands your desire to eliminate problematic skin in the long term, which means employing critical thinking and common sense.

“Many of our teens arrive at the clinic suffering not only with acne, but low self-esteem. They often are unable to make eye contact, may wear their hair long to cover their face, and lack the confidence to hold a conversation,” says owner Kim Lovato. “I get it! When I suffered with acne, I felt all of these emotions and more.”

No matter the regimen, Lovato is always thrilled to have a front-row seat as her clients blossom. With each visit, she gets to see their personalities change and their lifestyles enhanced.

Clear Path’s teen clients especially love their acne pore-cleaning sessions. Blackheads and clogged pores are removed while rejuvenating the skin. Other treatments from Clear Path include its Vitamin C and Vitamin A Level 2—beauty must-haves to support clear skin and reduce unwanted pigmentation.

“I had a teen who suffered with acne, heart issues, and obesity. At 15, this young woman started the Clear Path Program,” says Lovato. “Within six months, she lost so much weight by avoiding excess sugar in her diet that she no longer needed to visit her cardiologist every six months. I watched her transform into a fit teen with beautiful, clear skin and soaring confidence.”

The Clear Path Program aims to put you in complete control of your skin, whether you start with mild, moderate, or severe acne. It’s about doing away with the negative side effects of medication while paying attention to your unique diet and environment.

“Once you have identified your triggers, you can navigate through life without triggering acne in the future,” says Lovato. “Interestingly, we have many clients whose parents are dermatologists who do not want to offer their teens drugs for acne. They understand it is crucial to address the root cause. That is where the Clear Path Program comes in.”

To overcome problematic skin, visit Clear Path online at clearpathacneclinic.com or in person at 1210 Cottonwood Creek Trail, Suite 200, Cedar Park.

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