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1 Bryce Lane / Courtesy of Realty One Group Legacy

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Selling Houses Is Family Business

Meet The Collettis

A stress-free real estate process from initial listing through closing is the promise of an innovative, local mother/son team. 

Jane Colletti is a realtor who's been moving domicile merchandise successfully for more than 25 years. She recently opened up shop in the heart of Newtown borough, where she operates a branch of Realty One Group Legacy. She specifically references her business as “The Colletti Team," with one of the members hitting close to home.

Vinny Colletti, a young, inspirational and driven professional, is one of the key cogs of the Colletti team -- and also is Jane’s son. Vinny says he grew up around the industry of housing and construction where he spent many years of his youth helping build homes around the greater Newtown area. Though Vinny enjoyed the labor of building, he says he felt that a more desirable path would be to sell the finished product, thus joining his mother in the realty business.

It, of course, goes a bit further than that, as Vinny’s boss during his years in construction was Glenn Colletti, who didn’t by happenstance have the same last name. Glenn is Vinny’s father. It’s not often that one gets the experience of bonding professionally with both parents in different sides of the same business. Glenn operates G.A.C builders, though Vinny traded in his toolbelt a while back for the opportunity to sell.

The Realty One family business operates out of the Whitehall building on State street, a property which has been in use dating back to at least 1796. Though the building has aged, the realty office is modern in every respect and a bright and inviting place to do business. It’s sort of the combination of tried-and-true with new, which often turns out to be a well-working mix.

Jane says she's a well-seasoned realtor who handles business in a best of breed battle-tested manner, delivering great local feel and personalized service to clients. Vinny says he provides the same top-notch service through a more modernized ethic, using social media and technology-based tools to drive business and deliver results.

"We see more buyers motivated to search for new homes, despite today's limited options, and we're here to still help in finding those dream homes," Vinny adds. "We're gearing up for a busy housing market this spring. Feel free to ask us all your real estate questions."

Jane predicts a supply-demand mismatch will create a strong sellers' market, but not as intense as the peak of 2021. She adds that home prices are expected to continue rising, but at a slower pace than last year, and with a lower likelihood of bidding wars driving up sale prices. "Repairs and upgrades also are taking longer to schedule and complete."

The Collettis' recipe of success starts with the old-school and new-school working mix, combined with deep-rooted knowledge of Newtown, the area they focus on, though they conduct business throughout the greater Bucks County area. "What also has led to our continued success and growth is the relationship building we do with our clients. Feeling like they are a member of the family is often the impression clients get after doing business with us," says Jane. 

Office: 215.234.7645
Mobile: 215.669.7720

  • 1 Bryce Lane / Courtesy of Realty One Group Legacy
  • 1 Bryce Lane / Courtesy of Realty One Group Legacy
  • Lower Mountain Road / Courtesy of Realty One Group Legacy
  • 255 S. State / Courtesy of Realty One Group Legacy
  • Mother-son real estate duo Jane Colletti and Vinny Colletti drive the local branch of the Realty One Group Legacy.

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