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This Paradise Valley listing has a grand ballroom and sold for $12 million.

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Million Dollar Listing, Arizona

Bravo TV Stars The Altman Brothers and Scott Grigg Talk About Working Together, Getting Along, Scottsdale Favorites, and Real Estate

Article by Michelle Glicksman

Photography by Provided by Griggs Group Powered by the Altman Brothers

Originally published in Scottsdale City Lifestyle

“I am a deal junkie,” says Scott Grigg. “I enjoy putting deals together for my clients. This is the biggest investment most folks will make in their life, and it’s an honor to be able to assist with it.”

Grigg, a Scottsdale native who graduated from Arizona State University, says he was always fascinated with real estate.

“I wanted to work in a field doing something I enjoy; therefore, it doesn’t feel like work for me. I put in seven days a week at this, and usually 12-hour days,” he says.

He followed his dream, eventually launching Grigg’s Group, a real estate group with a portfolio of high-end properties.

Meeting The Altman Brothers

More than a decade ago, Grigg met Josh and Matt Altman. They, too, were luxury realtors, who would go on to become household names thanks to Bravo TV’s show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

In late 2023, the three formed a partnership, naming it Grigg’s Group Powered By The Altman Brothers.

“Our partnership with the Griggs Group came about more than 10 years in the making,” says Matt Altman. “We referred many clients to Scott, and he did the same to us, and that started a business relationship that became a best friendship. Finding someone you can trust the way we do Scott and the Griggs Group, along with his previous sales as being one of the top agents in Arizona, just felt like the natural next step. We vacation together, so we may as well work together.”

“We have been friends for over 12 years now and have referred hundreds of deals back and forth between California and Arizona in that time,” Grigg says. “We have even done the show many times together. We have a mutual respect for each other, share the same work ethic, and always operate on a handshake. Coming out of COVID, we really saw our luxury home prices increase and get closer to California pricing. At that time, it finally made sense for us to merge and bring a global experience to how luxury real estate is done in Arizona.” 

Working With Family

They may all be best friends now, but Matt says it wasn’t always such a perfect relationship between him and Josh.

“We were the reason people in Boston stopped having children from the years of 1976-1990,” he jokes about their constant fighting. “We were terrible kids and appreciate our parents so much as we are now parents too. It wasn’t till the summer Josh went to the gym and became stronger than me that I decided to call a truce. From that point on, we have been best friends and business partners. Couldn’t dream of a better turnout, being able to build everything together.

“The best part of working together now is that we trust each other 100%. That is literally impossible unless you work with a sibling. We also both married realtors, so that also allows our wives to understand our crazy schedules.”

Of course, although the Altmans get along so well, they are complete opposites, Matt shares.

“Josh is the serious one, and [I am] the funny one,” he says. “One drives a Rolls Royce, and the other drives a Ford truck. We are each other’s yin and yang, and as similar as we are in many ways, we also couldn’t be more different. A perfect example is Josh goes to the gym every morning at 6 am. [I hate] working out and have a friend named Jim instead.”

Their Paths to Real Estate

While Grigg always knew he wanted to be in real estate, the career path for the Altmans was less direct.

“Growing up, as most kids do, we dreamed of being professional athletes,” Matt shares. “We were both very talented to make it to play Division 1 college football as kickers at The University of Colorado [Matt] and Syracuse University [Josh] when they were both top programs. Unfortunately, we weren’t good enough to make it to the NFL so we had to find a different path in life.”

Matt became a talent agent at The Gersh Agency and CAA (Creative Artist Agency), and Josh ran a mortgage company.

“We both loved seeing houses on the weekend to make goals for ourselves of what we wanted in the future,” Matt says. “We started to flip homes and became very successful doing that as a weekend job—to the point we started making more money than our day jobs. So, we decided to leave our previous careers and jump into real estate full time.”

Being on TV

Real estate has been good to the Altmans. In 2023 they sold $1.15 billion worth of real estate ($7.5 billion in their career). They’ve been ranked the top team in California for the past three years and in the top five in the country. Just last year alone they sold the most expensive house ever in Brentwood for $65 million, the second most expensive house in the history of the pacific Palisades for $50 million, the most expensive sale in the history of Encino for $20 million and the most expensive sale and Hancock Park for $20 million. Their client list includes the who’s who of Hollywood, including Kim Kardashian, James Cameron, Calvin Harris, Scooter Braun, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Tyler Perry, and many more. 

And, of course, there’s been Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, which follows the lives of Josh, Matt, and Heather Altman.

Million Dollar Listing has been an incredible blessing and platform for us to become some of the most well-known realtors on the planet,” Matt says.

Creating the Partnership

Today, as the Grigg’s Group Powered By The Altman Brothers, the three are bringing their combined impressive knowledge, reach, and clients together to create a global force.

“We saw a void in the luxury market in Arizona, and this new endeavor allows us to not only bridge the gap between Arizona and California but also offer a truly global pedestal for our listings with outreach to foreign markets (something that has not yet been offered here locally),” says Grigg.

Grigg had already carved a niche for himself in the local luxury market—he even was able to successfully sell a Paradise Valley home for just under $13 million as the third agent to have the listing—and with this partnership, he says the team is now “a global brokerage offering a platform and database never offered before in the Greater Phoenix area.”

“We love Scottsdale,” Matt says. “We’re also sending so much business from California buyers looking to either relocate for tax advantages, for weather, or to find second homes. We’re here all the time. With the Altman Brothers, you have the advantage of having two very similar people that almost share a brain, so one of us is there every other week with Scott.”


Grigg may have grown up in Scottsdale and stayed in the Valley for college, but he’s not tired of the area yet.

“Arizona has such a great quality of life, with so many things to do and sunshine 365 days a year,” he says. “I would not live anywhere else.”

The Altman Brothers agree.

“We love Old Town and the food,” says Matt. “There are so many amazing places, but if we’re in town, you’ll usually spot us having breakfast at The Henry and dinners at Mastro’s. We are there for the Barrett-Jackson auctions, as we are huge car buffs, as well as golfing, as we always have fun with so many friends and clients living in AZ.”

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  • This Paradise Valley listing has a grand ballroom and sold for $12 million.
  • This Paradise Valley listing has a grand ballroom and sold for $12 million.
  • Josh Altman, Heather Altman, Scott Grigg, Adrianna Baum, and Matthew Altman. Photo by Marc Angeles, Unlimited Style Photography