Selling Tulsa

A Holistic Approach to Real Estate

Amy Cavallin has been a realtor since 2010. Prior to that, she spent 18 years in the banking and wealth management industry as a commercial lender, construction lender, and private banking officer. This experience has given her a unique skill set to assist her clients when buying or selling a home.

Q. Why is choosing the right realtor so important?

A. For most, buying a home is the largest purchase they will make in their lifetime and most likely the largest asset in their financial portfolio. It is important to have an agent who is very knowledgeable. I have combined my experience in the banking and financial industry with real estate sales to provide my clients with a holistic approach to investing in real estate.

Q. Your holistic approach sounds like a complete package.

A. Yes, I have an amazing team of professionals available to assist my clients with any need that may arise through the buying and selling process. The team is comprised of a trust attorney, real estate attorney, financial advisor, CPA, title company, appraisers, mortgage lenders, commercial and private banking lenders, top producing realtors in other markets, home stagers, and interior designers.

Q. What do you enjoy about selling homes?

A. I love connecting people, negotiating, and coming up with creative solutions for my clients to get the home they want, especially in today’s competitive market.

Q. Do you have a favorite architectural style?

A. I have always loved renovated homes from the 1920s/1930s. In fact, I grew up in a large and spacious red brick bungalow-style home built in 1928. It was the original farmhouse on Berry Road in Norman near the University of Oklahoma campus. My parents lovingly renovated it over the years. But I also love modern architecture. Whatever the style, I have an appreciation for many architectural styles if it is tastefully done with attention to detail and interior design.

Everyone Deserves a Home

Tenisha Edwards has been in the real estate business for 17 years. She devotes her time, resources, and knowledge to offering her clients a luxury buying and selling experience by combining her background in property management, a passion for home staging, and her love of family.

Q. What is a luxury buying and selling experience?

A. A luxury experience is a client-first philosophy in everything I do. This means keeping myself accessible, listening and quickly responding to my clients’ needs, and being a great communicator. Luxury is offering my experience in home staging to save clients thousands of dollars. It’s also doing the little things, such as always having a tape measure handy to measure rooms or having dog treats for my clients that bring their dogs along for showings.

Q. Why is home ownership so personal to you?

A. I was raised in the foster care system from the age of nine to eighteen. I never had a family or a home growing up, so creating family memories for my clients is a privilege and a pleasure.

Q. Have you always been a realtor?

A. At one point, I switched from selling real estate to property management. But in 2017, I was involved in a minor car accident. I wasn’t injured, but my husband who was a police officer (now retired), insisted on taking me to the hospital to get checked out. That's when the doctors found a walnut-sized tumor in my brain.

Q. The car accident was a blessing, wasn’t it?

A. Yes, it was. As I was recovering from brain surgery, I realized that I wanted to get back to a place of joy—I needed to do what lights me up inside. And nothing makes me happier than helping people find a home to grow and build their families.

It’s Business, and It’s Personal

Summer Ratzlaff grew up in Tulsa and has been marketing homes for seven years. She works with her husband, Corey and best friend, Maura Carter at Summer & Co., guiding clients through the exciting and sometimes stressful real estate process.

Q. What appeals to you about the real estate business?

A. I like it because it’s a business relationship that crosses the border into a personal relationship. A good realtor needs a personal touch because you must take a client’s needs, as well as their family’s needs into consideration. Our work often involves extended family, job changes, and school changes, so you need to be fully present and empathetic.

Q. Why is Tulsa a great place to live?

A. I have watched Tulsa grow, improve, and exceed my hopes for my hometown. Entertainment and sports venues like BOK Center and ONEOK Field have helped revive downtown. The Tulsa Parks Initiative and Gathering Place have made a positive impact on the health and well-being of all who live here. Tulsa’s rich history and the communities that drive us toward equality and reconciliation makes me proud to be a Tulsan.

Q. Are there any up-and-coming areas that buyers should consider?

A. Broken Arrow and Jenks have always been favorites of mine, but in the last 5+ years, Bixby and even Mounds have become wildly popular. In Bixby, neighborhoods and luxury properties are going up around thriving businesses and newly built schools. In places slightly further out such as Mounds, you may still be able to invest in land that is close to highways and amenities, and perhaps live on larger lots without the prices of the closer in, more popular suburbs. 

Q. What is always in your purse or car?

A. Mints, allergy medicine (heyyy Oklahoma), hand sanitizer, perfume, a brush, ChapStick®, water, 100 calorie snacks for on-the-go eating, and of course, a cell phone charger!

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