A Standing Sensory Ovation

With a heart behind culinary motivation, Sense of Taste makes a well-seasoned impression in Gallatin

Chef Russell Davis has had many passions in life. One of his first loves was being a creative musician in his home state of Texas. Being able to tell a story and take the listener on a journey through song is what being a musician is all about for most artists. Similarly, many parallels can be drawn between musicians and culinary artists as well. In the same realm of being able to bring someone along for a journey through senses, our sense of taste is what helps us along that edible journey! 

For Chef Russell, the journey from music to the culinary world was a harmonious blending where passion and creativity collided. With his background in music, Russell soon took an interest in the culinary arts and decided to enroll in culinary training nearly 23 years ago. He was driven by his desire to pursue a profession that allowed him to incorporate creativity and also where he could draw inspiration from his prior experiences as a musician. His culinary journey was also ignited by a furry, four-legged companion facing severe food allergies. In addition to the desire to become an accomplished chef was his heartfelt mission to ensure his beloved dog could enjoy delicious, allergen-free meals that supported good health when he realized his pup was sensitive to many typical foods. With that determination and drive, Russell pursued the goals he had laid out for himself.

After completing his training, and after having worked in several accomplished restaurants as a chef in various fine dining concepts, Chef Russell decided to put his years of culinary experience further into action, this time as a business owner.  Alongside his wife Yensi, together they set out to create a new restaurant in an untapped Gallatin market for upscale food in a quick-service counter operation. This new concept would blend together global, healthy and vegan options, and through this endeavor, Sense of Taste in Gallatin was born. 

The name, Sense of Taste, is rooted in the inspiration of using multiple senses to experience food.  While the actual food and environment are important, our senses of taste, sight, touch and even smell truly are what make any culinary experience memorable. As is the case for Sense of Taste, what sets this new restaurant apart is how even simple foods are elevated to higher platforms, such as sandwiches, burgers, soups and salads through artful combinations of thoughtful ingredients. Chef Russell encourages food lovers to push the boundaries of their taste buds and embrace the challenge of exploring new food experiences in the same way he explores creative ways of culinary expression.

One of Chef Russell’s culinary secrets to what makes Sense of Taste such a unique place is the way many of his dishes are prepared. Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, the Jasper charcoal grill infuses delightful hickory smoke flavors subtly into his menu creations. Thanks to the ingenious use of wood and charcoal in an indoor setting, this remarkable oven (and admitted “secret sauce” to many creations) boasts a cooking speed that’s more than 40% faster than standard grills, allowing food preparation to be cooked to order for each guest once an order is placed. Not only does the Jasper accelerate the cooking process, but it also aids in expertly retaining all of the intricate flavors that come from so many of Sense of Taste’s creations and also meticulously separates surfaces to prevent any cross-contamination between meat and plant-based products.

Opening its doors to Gallatin in April 2023, the progress was gradual but the growth and success have been unmistakable as Chef Russell introduced a completely novel concept to Gallatin. The commitment to continuous learning, product evolution, calibration and alignment with the Gallatin-based restaurant market has propelled Sense of Taste forward. 

Among their culinary standouts, you’ll find The Taco Tango, Ranchero Ruben, The Texmala Burger, Garlic and Basil Chicken Tenders, The Texan Brisket, the Vibrant Pack-a-Punch Power Salad and the flavorful Thunderbird. Expanding menu options further and pushing even their own creative prowess, Chef Russell says they will soon be adding various Bobba teas, frescas and even natural energy drinks to the lineup. 

Through exquisite flavor pairings, Sense of Taste guarantees to lead guests on a flavor voyage that will leave an indelible mark on them as they enjoy a unique food experience in Gallatin unlike anything else.

Chef Russell encourages food lovers to push the boundaries of their taste buds and embrace the challenge of exploring new food experiences.

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