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September is Hunger Action Month

Q&A with Care and Share's New President/CEO Nathan Springer

A conversation with Care and Share's Nathan Springer, edited slightly for length. 

You served in the Army for 24 years. How is civilian life different so far? Why did you seek the position of president/CEO with Care and Share?

The greatest part about a career in the Army is the diverse group of people you get to serve with. … The unity and love soldiers have for each other is special. Care and Share has an equally important purpose. … Care and Share makes a massive contribution to food security having delivered over 20 million pounds of food over the last year to our 31 Southern Colorado counties. I came to Care and Share to be part of the most important mission in Southern Colorado, expand our influence and reach, and assist as many families as we can.

Can you give us a brief overview of Hunger Action Month and what makes it different from other months?

Hunger Action Month is really centered around community–the goal of the campaign is to drive awareness and inspire the public to get involved with our mission. For many, a daily meal is a simple choice of what to eat. For people facing hunger, it could be the impossible decision between food and other important needs, like medicine, or utilities. In September, we’re asking for our community’s support in helping us provide more meals to our neighbors, so they don’t ever have to make such a tough decision.

How can local residents get involved in September?

There are so many ways–volunteering, hosting your own in-person or online fundraiser (that we like to call CARE Drives), or making a donation. ... For $1, we can provide 6 meals to a neighbor in need.

Our annual Hunger Action Day Community-Wide Food Drive will also be back on Friday, September 23rd! Stop by our Distribution Centers in Colorado Springs (2605 Preamble Pt.) or Pueblo (100 Greenhorn Dr.) between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and drop off food donations. Some of our most needed items are canned protein, canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, peanut butter, boxed meals, soup, snacks, and rice.

There are lots of worthy nonprofits competing for folks' dollars—why should they contribute to Care and Share? 

At Care and Share, we believe no one should be hungry. We are a unifying cause that everyone, regardless of background, race, religion, political affiliation, or gender can rally behind. 

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