Create a Personal Space at Home for Meditation and Health

Article by Cheryl Parton

Photography by Regan Wood

Originally published in Bend Lifestyle

Moving into a new year adjusts our calendar, and for many it brings the desire to reset space — both physically and mentally. Sara Toujier, founder of Toujier Designs, created a meditation space that’s a sanctuary of light and a respite from the challenges of the outside world. A meditation or yoga practice may be born, or improved, with surroundings and thoughtful details that facilitate breathing. Whether a space is designed from inception, an underutilized room in your home is re-envisioned, or a small nook in a corner of your home is reclaimed, the simple action of pulling out a soft cushion can help us exhale after the challenges of the past year.

1 Regardless of size, a meditation space can emulate a favorite studio or travel locale in your home. Start with soft colors to soothe and create a peaceful environment for connection to mind and body. Windows bring in natural light as an invitation to each day and a built-in fireplace adds additional warmth.

2 Bolsters or meditation cushions beckon health with comfort or support for a personal practice. Find the Cosmic Zabuton cushion, similar to those shown, from Cushions from Ethel Studio are handmade using reclaimed fabrics as a zero-waste solution for a sustainable space, and are available locally at Found Natural Goods, 1001 NW Brooks St., Bend.

3 Plants, like this moss wall panel, bring the outdoors in by providing a visual breath of fresh air. Plants also purify the air naturally by releasing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, and eliminating air toxins. Visit local purveyors to recommend the best indoor plants for Central Oregon’s climate: Root Adorned (Northwest Crossing), Somewhere That’s Green (Old Mill District), Fig Leaf Plant Shop (The Box Factory, Bend).     

4. Transport the mind with art. Select a painting, poster or photograph that evokes calm or begins a practice with the reminder of a special place visited in the past.

5. Create a focal point with pieces that have meaning. Consider natural soy candles for aromatherapy to further personalize a space. Introduce elements of the natural world by adding crystals, rocks, shells or other found objects. Stay simple, but create meaning to create a peaceful environment.

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