Service Before Self: Thanksgiving Heroes

Sumner Regional Medical Center healthcare providers celebrate Thanksgiving through service to others

Sacrificing moments and memories with their families to assist those in need is the most selfless act healthcare workers can perform. For these medical professionals at Sumner Regional Medical Center, they count their blessings to be working alongside some of the best medical staff and individuals who give Sumner County residents top-notch care whether it’s a holiday weekend or an average weekday.

Zachariah “Zac” Ramsey, MD, has been the Assistant Medical Director of Sumner Regional Emergency Department for the past 3 years and will soon be stepping into the Medical Director position in January 2024. Dr. Ramsey completed his undergraduate studies at Vanderbilt University and later attended the University of Tennessee for medical school. He then underwent four years of training in Emergency Medicine residency in Chicago before returning to Middle Tennessee to serve our local area. What attracted Dr. Ramsey to Sumner Regional was the hospital's highly supportive leadership and its exceptional group of Emergency Department physicians who provide outstanding care to patients while also supporting one another and their families -- a true family atmosphere. He emphasizes the wonderful team environment in the Emergency Department where nurses, technicians, secretaries, radiology staff, registration personnel and others work together harmoniously to assist patients during their most critical moments. “When we work together to resuscitate and save a patient's life, there’s nothing else I’d rather do and nowhere else I’d rather work,” says Dr. Ramsey.

When it comes to Thanksgiving traditions, Dr. Ramsey enjoys spending quality time with his family and indulging in desserts, particularly his wife's pumpkin cheesecake. In cases when he has to work on Thanksgiving Day, he expresses gratitude for understanding family members who are kind enough to wait or celebrate a day later. He also appreciates delicious food dropped off at the Emergency Department that can be enjoyed with the team while working. His list of things to be thankful for is short but sweet. He is especially grateful for his amazing wife and two daughters.

Richard "Kramp" Krampotich, RN, Paramedic and Hazardous Materials Technician, also works at Sumner Regional Medical Center and has been a part of Sumner Regional for nearly 22 years. Having traveled around the world as a child with a parent in the Air Force, Kramp developed his passion for helping others while in Spain. "I worked as a lifeguard and EMT with the Spanish Red Cross. After moving to Florida, I became a Beach Lifeguard, EMT, Paramedic and then a Critical Care Paramedic. I later relocated to Tennessee where I pursued my nursing degree while working as a Paramedic," he reflects. Kramp’s diverse background in healthcare across different regions of the world has shaped him into an exceptional healthcare provider. Additionally, he is fluent in Spanish and conversational in French. Kramp’s Thanksgiving in his household is one of the few occasions when they bring out the fine China dinnerware and everyone dresses up for dinner. They offer a heartfelt prayer, expressing gratitude and wishes of well-being to those defending our country. Kramp, dedicated to healthcare, often works holidays with family joining him at the hospital. If on duty, they prepare turkey and stuffing, Kramp handles the pumpkin pie and colleagues contribute side dishes creating a makeshift holiday feast during work breaks.

What is Kramp thankful for this season? He is thankful to have a loving and healthy family, a job with wonderful co-workers that offers favorable working conditions near his home and one that supports his family. Moreover, he expresses gratitude towards the courageous men and women in uniform who make significant sacrifices.

Both men have expressed immense gratitude towards their team at Sumner Regional Medical Center for the camaraderie shown and the unwavering mission of HighPoint Health System as they strive to provide exceptional care to the people of our area.

In this festive season, let's remember to extend kindness to those separated from their families. Alongside our personal thanks, prayers, delivering baked goods and showing appreciation to staff and first responders can lighten their workload. These gestures make a meaningful difference, ensuring that those who serve us during the holidays feel appreciated and supported.

Happy Thanksgiving!


"When we work together to resuscitate and save a patient's life, there’s nothing else I’d rather do and nowhere else I’d rather work." Dr. Ramsey

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