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Setting the Table

While family (and the turkey) are what's most important, a pretty table can set the stage for a perfect day.

Tasha Moody of Iris & Oak believes the best interiors are graced with a balance of color, texture and natural elements. When setting the table for us this month, she simply layered neutral woven textiles along with clean white artisan-inspired dinnerware, topped off with a cascade of festive gourds and mums available at the grocery store or local nursery. 

Tasha's advice:

Hosting a beautiful Thanksgiving is all about being prepared and having a plan.  Without a plan, we can tend to go overboard and be lost at work in the kitchen or inundated with tasks around the house.  A plan helps us not only prepare, but also pare down, delegate, and generally have a better-finished product with a more present interpersonal experience along the way.  Aim to have fewer things done well rather than many that are barely done.

  • Tasha Moody