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Shaded Bliss

Enhancing Family Bonds Under a Gazebo Haven

Article by Julie Walker

Photography by Sarah Dawn Photography

Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

Christina and Tony prioritize family. “Both my husband and I are in our second marriage. And between our two families (around 30 people ranging from 1 to 93 years old), we needed space for entertainment,” Christina explained. “I love being outside. We knew we wanted a backyard for family games, dining, and shared moments.”

In fact, family gatherings were so important to them that they chose a house based on the backyard—a large, blank canvas that they designed with patios and landscaping. Christina stated, “Having large patios and an outside kitchen were a must. I love to cook and have dinner parties.”

There was just one problem: it was hot. The sun is potent in a western-facing backyard. “Nothing is worse than watching your friends and family sweat and compete for what little shade your backyard provides,” winced Christina. “It didn’t take long to realize we needed to cover the main patio.”

And so, outdoor gatherings came to a halt as the couple began looking at patio-covering solutions. Christina and Tony were looking for shade without the confinement of a porch, something that fits the space and seamlessly blended in and remained budget-friendly. In their quest to find a solution, they looked at wood gazebos, sails, rooflines and more.

Meanwhile, the beautiful backyard rarely experienced people enjoying it for two years. It was depressing all around.

And then, things clicked. At a home show, Christina and Tony explored various companies offering gazebos, sunrooms, and outdoor design elements. While admiring a display, Christina overheard Tony chatting with someone. To her surprise, it was Travis from Green Gable Roofing, a company that they had used before. The meeting sparked a conversation about their needs, preferences and the decision to avoid wood options due to maintenance concerns with an existing deck. Travis showed them some alternative material samples, which led to an in-home appointment. Travis and Christina reviewed materials, sizes, colors and roof options. By the end of the consult, Christina was sold.

They extensively reviewed the size and placement of the gazebo on the stone patio before Travis ordered materials. Christina emphasized the significance, stating, "Proper placement is crucial, and not all companies prioritize it." With ample space and minimal foliage, positioning the gazebo was key to optimizing shade coverage and patio usage.

Once the gazebo was installed in October 2023, Christina and Tony spent some quiet evenings enjoying wine by their outdoor fireplace under the gazebo. Since the gazebo is an extension of their home and can be used year-round, “We’re going to get together with family and friends a lot more. And from now on, we expect them not to wilt from the heat!” laughed Christina. “I’m so excited that this space will now be usable whenever the sun is out, which is most days! The gazebo is beautiful, and it’s not typical or common.”

The story isn’t quite over though—Christina and Tony plan to do more. The gazebo was wired for electricity, which means a ceiling fan and lighting are in short order, and the family energetically debates where to put a TV! With other additional backyard improvements in the works, such as a water fixture, this family will surely enjoy the outdoor space for years to come—all in the comfort of the shade.

“Nothing is worse than watching your friends and family sweat and compete for what little shade your backyard provides.”

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